What is the military diet, its health benefits and harms

Military Diet

 The Military Diet , also known as the Three Day Diet . For three days will help you lose weight , the military diet is a short term eating plan .


It will help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week , let’s get to it and see what this magical diet is all about .


What is the military diet?


  •  What exactly is the 3-Day Military Diet , and why Is  it very famous? .  One of the coolest things about this system, is that it only lasts for three days .


  • And by sticking with it , you could lose up to 10 pounds in no time at all , yet you can achieve these impressive things , only if you follow the eating plan .


  •  It’s a strict diet that’s sweeping the internet right now .  Surprisingly , this diet is easy and simple , and does not require much effort and fuss.





  • The best part is that you don’t have to follow strict restrictions , or rely on supplements . 




  •  if you don’t know what this is, it’s a diet that helps you lose 10 pounds a week .  
  • you follow this diet for three days , then take a four-day break .  Then do it again for three days ; and continue until you reach your goal .





  • Those who follow this diet generally eat between ; 800-1100 calories per day for the three days .  And 1300 to 1500 calories on other days of the week.




  • The Military Diet focuses on significant calorie deficits , rather than burning calories.





  •  By cutting out the amount and types of food you eat .  It is low in fat , and relies only on a lack of calories , to help you lose weight quickly .





  •  This diet is very easy to follow , it does not require much on your part . you do not need to count calories , or spend hours in the gym constantly..  Or through a long list of expensive foods.




  • Really military diet ingredients you can find , easily at your nearest grocery store .



 How does military diet work exactly?!


  • There are no miracles, it is based on starting the metabolism process ; by reducing the amount of calories you eat within a short period.




  •  Your body will burn more fat , and as a result you will lose weight effortlessly .




  • It’s definitely not your typical starvation diet and although it’s low in calories , it does give you the energy you need to have a productive day , as it contains healthy fats , carbs and protein .



list for military diet

 Let’s take a look at your list ; for the next three days :

First day 


  • You’ll start your day , with a hot caffeinated drink , such as a cup of coffee or tea .  Then make yourself one slice of toast , it’s better if it’s whole grain with two tablespoons of peanut butter , and don’t forget to eat half a grapefruit.




  •  Your lunch will be a bit similar to a cup of hot coffee , or tea .  With a slice of toast and half a cup of tuna .



 Do not add anything else , the diet will work only if you strictly follow all the rules .



  • For dinner, you should eat about 85 grams of any meat that can be boiled or steamed . adding 1 cup of green beans , half a banana and a small apple to your meal .  You can also have one cup of vanilla ice cream . 



 It really won’t hurt your diet at all, plus you totally deserve it , but sorry no fried chicken allowed .


 the second day


  • Your breakfast on the second day of the military diet , will consist of one slice of toast again whole grain is desirable..  With a boiled egg, and half a banana. 




  • When it’s lunchtime , eat another boiled egg , five crackers and one cup of cottage cheese . 



Don’t worry , it will give you all the energy you need and will fill your stomach more than you think .



  • Dinner ; on our second day is a bit more interesting Your final meal . for the day should include two sausages , yes that’s right not one but two hot dogs .  Plus some fruits and vegetables – ½ cup of carrots , ½ cup of broccoli , ½ of a banana you can cover again with ½ cup of vanilla ice cream .



   the third day

 The third and final day of your military diet will cut calories to approximately 1,100 .



  • It starts with 5 pretzels , a slice of cheddar cheese and one small apple .



Again, this volume may seem like nothing , but it will actually give your body all the nutrients it needs to start your day.



  •  Your lunch should be simple , consisting of a slice of whole -grain toast , and one egg .




  • Just as simple as dinner , a cup of tuna , your favorite portion, half a banana , with a full cup of vanilla ice cream , and now , your diet plan is finished .



 And remember if you want to achieve the best results , follow the diet for three days , then eat normal food for the next four days , do not overeat for the next few days .



  •  the other days of the week ;  Day 4-7: You should eat and exercise normally . We encourage healthy eating , but there are no restrictions on food , and snacks are allowed . 




  • However , eat less , and try to eat less than 1,500 calories per day .



For seven days , artificially sweetened beverages are not recommended .


 Here’s a plan for the days ahead , an example of what you should eat : 



  • For breakfast , start with a cup of green tea , 2 tablespoons of unsweetened greek yogurt , and 5 almonds . 




  • Lunch , you can have grilled or boiled chicken breast , 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice , and 1 cup of vegetables without the addition of potatoes .




  • Dinner , grilled salmon , vegetable salad can be included .  You can have a glass of natural blueberry or banana juice .



You should follow a healthy diet , similar to the rest of the days as well for maximum weight loss .


 Repeat the military diet for three days , every four days for several weeks in a row until you reach your goal . it is best to stick to this eating plan for an entire month .


 There are some additional tips to make this diet more effective :



  •  (1) – First of all , make it a habit to start your day with an actual glass of water , and drink two glasses of water before every meal .



this is great for your health , because one of them needs water and is known to be exceptionally satiating . plus it will keep your body hydrated and flush out lousy toxins .


 It reduces your appetite ; which helps you feel fuller for longer and don’t forget to drink water during the 4 days of normal eating as well .



  • (2) – Find a diet buddy ; so you can take control , and motivate each other . it’s always great to have , someone by your side who can help you keep up .




  • (3) – Thirdly and most importantly ; calorie restriction is not suitable for everyone . it is always best to consult your doctor before trying any diet whether it is suitable for you or not .



It depends entirely on your health , and only your doctor can give you this information .  So do not be lazy and visit your doctor , his job is to provide reliable advice . if you are looking to make drastic changes to your health .


 Health benefits of the military diet 


  • (1) – Military diet helps to lose weight quickly , reviews say that you can lose up to 10 pounds in a week . 



You can use it if you want to lose weight , for a close occasion like a wedding , or a summer vacation .


(2) – This system is very easy to follow . Every meal is meticulously planned , and you don’t have to think about anything .


You can even prepare and divide all your meals for the next week if you have a busy lifestyle .  


All the ingredients are easy to get , easy to cook , and inexpensive .



  • (3) – The military diet is perhaps one of the cheapest diets , for health and fitness .  And the food itself is also cheap to buy . 



You can easily find everything you need , in most supermarkets .



  • (4) – It is very easy to stay motivated , given the quick weight loss results .  You can see visible weight loss in just one week . 



While some diets , it may take several months or even a year to see physical results .



  • (5) – Vegetarians can easily follow it .  It only requires willpower for a short period of time .



 Military diet harms


  • (1) Nutritionally  Unbalanced : The Military Diet calls for a strict meal plan . which you need to follow literally or else you won’t get the results you want . which includes eating about an ounce of ice cream every night , but that doesn’t sound nutritionally good .


If you’re going to follow this diet for months at a time, strict calorie restrictions may put you at risk of nutrient deficiencies.


  • (2) – Perhaps if this regimen is followed for a long time it can be dangerous : some people choose to fast to start their metabolism.



 Fasting 1 day may not do much harm but 3 days of eating less than 1,000 calories , this raises a red flag for many nutritionists saying that there can be many negative side effects . to doing so such as dizziness , fainting , headache , nausea and perhaps worst , the tendency  to gluttony .

  • (3) – Many nutritionists and doctors do not even recommend , it to clients who need to lose weight .  There are few or no studies on the military diet .


  • (4) – Most of the meals in the military diet are low in protein , and high in carbohydrates ; which is a bad combination for weight loss .




  • (5) – You will probably get everything back quickly , according to many nutritionists . the military diet may help you shed some pounds , but it will likely be only water weight that you will lose .



It may also be washing your body of the nutrients , and electrolytes it needs to stay healthy .  Here we are done and you are well .