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 The usage policy page in the “rain of mind in knowledge strategy” blog:


Dear visitor, welcome to your site the “rain of mind” blog, and we welcome you in your place.  Dear brother and sister, we always strive to provide everything that benefits you.


While doing our best to make our blog distinct, we ask you to abide by our policy and the policy of Google.  As it is from our creation and our principles, that we preserve our beliefs.

We hope that everyone will help us accept these rules and abide by them, which are:

  • 1- Do not post any pornographic links.

  • 2- Not accepting words that hurt the feelings of others.

  • 3- It is forbidden to bully or offend others, whether persons or entities.


  • 4- It is prohibited to use comments to promote any website or any advertisement.
  •  5- Use this website in any way that harms or may be harmful to this website.

  • 6- Using this website in any way that affects the user’s access to this website.

  • 7- Using this site contrary to the laws and regulations in force at Google, or in any way that may cause harm to the site, or to any person or commercial entity.

  • 8- In these standard website terms and conditions, “your content” means any audio, video text, images, or any other material that you choose to display on this website.


By displaying your content, you grant the Protocol World of Knowledge Foundation a non-exclusive, non-revocable, worldwide sub-license.  To be used, reproduced, adapted, published, translated and distributed in any and all media.

  • 9- These terms constitute the entire agreement between you and Alam Al-Maarifa Company regarding your use of this site, and they supersede all  previous agreements and understandings.

These terms will be fully implemented, and by using this website, you agree to accept all terms and conditions written here.


We wish you success, as long as you are in God’s care.
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