the woman is the secret of life

woman is the secret of life

  • The woman is the secret of life, because her gentle nature obliges her, to give sympathy and tenderness to everyone around her. for she is a tender heart and a kind spirit, that spreads warmth and aroma in the place, and it is the spirit in which a man and children live.
  • because it is the secret of the stability and stability of the family. God Almighty created her, With an innate tendency to sympathize with everyone around her. and not only to others, but to animals and plants.
  • because she is a creature compelled to passion and love of goodness. rather it is a wonderful combination whose secret is known only to God Almighty.
  • it is not surprising that all of the poets sing about women, and marvel at her character and are confused about  Understand her.
  • The woman is an integral part of society. and she is complementary to it, and the half of society that gives birth and raises the other half.
  • The woman is the source of happiness in life, and tenderness springs from her affection, and compassion for everyone around her. to the point of almost overwhelming the strength of men, and in every time and place and from eternity.


  • women have proven that they are able to assume responsibilities. and challenge the impossible, and that they are a man’s partner in progress, renaissance, and giving,  And creativity, and upbringing, as history books are proud of the wonderful examples of women, who made great glory and great men. so women assumed their full responsibility
  •  Today, women actively contribute to advancing progress and civilization. They lead countries and lead many victories.
  • Many women have become queens of great countries. and many of them today have become ministers, teachers, doctors and engineers. Women have proven that they are able to play all roles in practical life.
  •  Without this affecting her known role as a mother who carries, gives birth and raises generations.


  • Women are the basis for the development and rise of civilizations. and the reason for the prosperity and strength of societies.
  •  How can a society be defeated? , A woman stands behind every man in it and pushes him, encourages and strengthens him in the problems he faces.
  • The woman is the mother and the leader who is able to educate young men and women in society well.
  • she is the most influential in them and contributes to their successes.  Therefore, the role of women is one of the most influential human roles in society. for all this, women is the secret of life

The role of women in the family and society

woman is the secret of life

1)- The role of women as mothers

  • The role of motherhood is the most important role in a woman’s life. and a fundamental factor in the rise of society, civilizations, and nations, for without it there can be no great scholars who contribute to changing reality radically, for the benefit of all humanity, and the role of motherhood, includes many sub-roles within its concept.
  • She added that these roles are of the most importance as they guarantee the emotional and psychological stability of family members. and make them well-balanced people with values ​​and morals. which will be reflected in society as a whole.
  •  Also, women are the ones who bear the greatest burden in  raising children. controlling what they see or hearing, and nurturing them together.

2)- women’s role in the society

  •  Women have a great role in the foundations of care and community support in many areas. as women contribute to caring for children and the elderly. and according to international and international studies. women have a role in bringing about many changes and developments affecting the economy.
  • Women actively contribute to building and developing society, in a number of different fields. because the role of women in building society is an essential part of its development and progress.
  • The role of women in the development of society is a fundamental, and very important role. and sociologists stress the importance of the role that women play in this regard for the development and advancement of society. and they said that this is due to the fact that women are the ones who make many decisions.
  • The important and central determining of family matters and how to effectively participate in society. These decisions extend to the many areas related to the family and children, including education, culture, education, upbringing on values ​​and morals and other matters that make children good citizens who play roles  Effective serving the community and the country in which they live.


  • The role of the woman does not stop at a specific stage, but rather she is in a constant and continuous giving in all the different stages of her life. and without waiting for anything in return for that giving.


Women’s rights

The law has guaranteed many rights for women. so it has worked to give them those economic, social, legal and political rights.
urgedall countries of the world to recognize those laws and rights for women, and protect them from any form of persecution or violence against them.

Her right to education

  • The right to education is considered one of the basic rights of women. that women’s access to education reflects positively on many personal, societal and economic aspects.
  • Education enhances women’s capabilities and helps them create an understanding society. that is respectful and able to form friendships with nations and peoples.  And different religious sects.
  • It is the woman’s right over her family, and society to obtain all the rights that guarantee her a decent life. including education, training and attention.
  • An educated woman who receives a proper education and proper upbringing can create a strong pioneering generation. that leads countries to development and prosperity.  Children, and she can cultivate in them what she wants of good morals, and the ability to be proud and achievement, and vice versa as well.

 Her right to work

  • a woman feels valued through her work. as she finds herself doing her work with complete accomplishment. which explains the importance of women’s work in society.
  • The right of women to exercise all political rights in society like men. equality between them and men and non-discrimination between them in any way.
  • Work to confront and combat any manifestation of persecution, hostility or violence against her. such as harassment and assault on her.


Our duty towards women

A woman has a great duty that must be taken care of by people through several factors, including:

  • Show respect and appreciation. that women require a lot of appreciation, because they need great attention from those around them. as they bear the responsibility greatly, and this is what clearly illustrates our duty towards women.
  • Helping women in all their work, whether in cleaning or caring for children.
  • Dealing with women politely, as it is necessary to act with women in an elegant manner. as when a person speaks with a woman, he must respect and appreciate her.