physical and mental health concept

Physical and mental health

Physical and mental health are two interconnected aspects, the work of one side is not complete without the other, and the defect in them leads to the defect of the entire personality, they are the basis of the normal personality of the human being.


The concept of health in general

  • Health is defined as a state of normality in which a person lives, so that he does not suffer from disease or illness from all aspects, whether psychological, physical, or mental. Health is a concept that includes all aspects of the human being.


  • It has been defined by the scientist “Urkens” as “a state of balance for the functions of the human body, the adaptation of the body to the disturbing elements in the environment”.


  • Global Health defined it as “a state of public safety in all aspects of the human being, physical, mental, and social, and the interrelationship of these aspects with each other, where the aspects work as the influencer and the affected.”


  • Winslow defined it as “the science of disease prevention so that people can live for as long as possible, and to improve their health through their personal efforts and the efforts of community organizations,” which in turn are responsible for controlling disease outbreaks and disseminating prevention and hygiene instructions.


physical health concept 

  • It means the integrity of the entire human body organs, and the functioning of all body functions in an integrated and interconnected manner, with each organ performing its function perfectly. Each organ in the human body affects and is affected by the other.


  • It is also known as the body’s ability to fight all the diseases that attack it, and adapt it to all environmental conditions greatly, in addition to fighting physical fatigue and exhaustion.


  • They serve as a strong and solid wall around the immune system that fights diseases, and prevents them from crossing the human body. A person enjoys physical health that makes him more active and energetic, and a desire for life.


  • There is no comparison between the life of the body of a healthy person and the body of a sick person, so there is no difference between the life that each of them leads.


physical health factors

  • 1)- Diet

Diet is one of the most important components of building a healthy body, free from diseases and ailments. It is the solid base on which the body rests of proteins, fats, fibres, minerals and vitamins.


  • 2)- Mathematical system

The sports system helps the health of the human body, avoids bone diseases, chronic heart diseases and improves the respiratory process.


  • 3)- Relax and sleep

A body cannot perform its functions to the fullest if it does not get enough sleep. Rather, it is necessary for a person to meet the body’s urgent need for rest and sleep to function properly.


  • 4)- Personal hygiene

Taking care of the cleanliness of the body and teeth serves as a protective shield for them from various diseases and ailments.


How do we maintain physical health?

  • Take care to eat food rich in fibers beneficial to the body, proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and fats.


  • The view of food is qualitative rather than quantitative. It does not matter much the amount of food that enters the human body as much as the rich elements that benefit the body.


  • Reduce your intake of sugar and try to prevent it later.


  • Eat foods that come from nature, and stay away from foods that contain preservatives in their ingredients.


  • Away from the white poison, which is meant by sugar and salt.


  • Eat foods that contain natural antibiotics, to strengthen the immune system.


  • Drink plenty of water, and fluids throughout the day.


  • Keep exercising on a daily basis.


  • Maintaining a slim and perfect body, where he does not suffer from obesity and fat.


  • Do a comprehensive examination on the body every 6 months, to ensure its safety and the safety of the senses as well.


  • The safety of the body is part of the safety of the soul. It is necessary to protect the psyche from diseases that may attack it and weaken it, and weakness extends to the body in turn.

physical and mental health concept


Mental health concept

  • The school of psychoanalysis defined mental health as “the ability to do work, as long as a person has not contracted a disease, or a specific illness that prevents him from doing so, and thus it refers to the anti-disease level.”


  • The behavioral school defined it as “choosing the best way to deal with the situations that he is exposed to in his life, using the prevailing social ideas.”


  • The humanitarian school defined it as “a person’s possession of a normal and healthy personality, which enables him to face pressures and deal with the events he faces in his life, unlike the abnormal personality.”


mental health factors

  • 1)- Love and self-esteem

The first step in mental health is for a person to appreciate himself and accept it in all its circumstances, which leads him to strive for the best possible image that he can be.


  • 2) Self-awareness

A person’s knowledge of himself, understanding his feelings help him to express himself clearly, knowing his motives.


  • 3) Self-confidence

A person’s confidence in himself and his abilities qualify him to face pressures and problems with strength and overcome obstacles to achieve his dreams and hopes.


A person’s enjoyment of a normal psyche opens the doors of a happy and successful life to the full, which makes him more able to control his feelings and emotions and thus his actions.


  • 4)- family

Other factors that contribute to human mental health, is the family, and the family is one of the most important factors in the formation of a normal human personality in all its personal aspects.


Only through it can a person possess a normal or satisfactory personality.


  • 5)- Work environment

Another factor is the work environment. The work environment contributes to building a person’s personality, and affects the extent of his psychological health, and the more a person adapts and accepts the work environment, the more this helps in his mental health.


Physical and mental health

  • The concept of health is broad and branched that may come to your mind when you hear it at first sight. It is the enjoyment of a complete body that does not suffer from disease, and in fact the concept of health does not stop at the body only.


  • Rather, it extends to everything related to humans, which can be exposed to damage and defect in turn. Therefore, classifying someone to the list of healthy people means that the person is healthy in all aspects, psychological and physical, and mental as well.


  • From this perspective, healthy people can be defined as those people who have a disease-free body and are able to coexist, adapt to society and build friendships and relationships.


  • The psychological aspect and what is related to it is still a source of controversy among people, and mental illness is still a stigma attached to its owner and does not leave him in the eyes of society, and it is included under the name of defect.


  • Some societies do not accept psychological ills, both acute and simple, and the inability to deal with mental patients and accept them in society as individuals who have the right to treatment to continue to play their role.


  • In fact, the shame was not in the outbreak of mental illnesses and patients entering sanatoriums and psychiatric clinics. Rather, the shame lies in the society’s treatment of these patients as crazy, and not patients like others.


  • The soul and the body are two concepts that are closely related, each side complements the other, and a person cannot be satisfied with one side at the expense of another, but rather his life will not be straightened from the ground up.


  • Many studies have been conducted that have proven that physical illnesses may be due to psychological causes in the first place. The psychological problems that a person suffers from make his body a fertile soil in which physical diseases are planted with pleasure.


  • As for the psychological ailments that make the human body sick, they are many and branched, such as the inability of man to adapt in his life and environment, and his inability to face life’s pressures. Falling under the weight of negative psychological emotions such as anxiety and fear.


  • In concluding our discussion of the definition of physical and psychological health, we emphasize that physical and psychological health are two sides of the same coin.


  • A person cannot build a personality together in the absence of one of them, so a person must be keen to build a healthy body, and completely stay away from anything that might harm his psychological states.