Olaplex for hair breakage

 Olaplex for hair breakage ; if you are looking for a solution for breakage and damaged hair , you have come to the right place .


Today I’m going to talk about one technique that’s quickly becoming ; an option for chemically treated hair , or hair that needs rejuvenation .


I wonder what this is? ,  We’ll be doing a customized review of the entire olaplex hair products . Let’s find out! .



  •  Olaplex is a brand ; that focuses on hair maintenance and repair .


  • in simple words Olaplex is a formula ; that protects hair from any kind of damage , as a result of certain factors .


  • Be it thermal , chemical or environmental . Like UV damage from the sun , cold weather conditions .” And also mechanical factors ; like pulling your hair and brushing from towel drying , things like that .


  • So these different factors are usually ; the main causes of hair damage and breakage .


 What exactly does Olaplex do?

  • You can use Olaplex either to reverse ; the effects of a previous chemical treatment , or as damage insurance before any hair color , or smoothing treatment .
  • That Olaplex producers , say their products are safe for all hair types . So they have a lot of different hair types on offer , on their website .


  • Another great thing about olaplex products ; is that they are made without sulfates, without parabens and are vegan so they are clean .


  • And it’s not stuffed with silicone , or parabens and all the things you don’t want to put on your hair .


  • What makes Olaplex so revolutionary? ;  It is the only product that not only mimics the natural bonds of your hair .


  • But it does rebuild it to help strengthen your hair which means if you have wavy or curly hair , this can redefine your hair and help repair any heat damage , or bleach damage .


 Olaplex for hair

  • Our hair is made up of millions of disulfide bonds , and these bonds are really ; what give our hair structure and strength .


  • So when those bonds are broken ; we have breakage as a result .  Say Olaplex products restore damaged , and broken hair with just one ingredient . 


  • So this is a patented ingredient created by the chemists at olaplex a bunch tha pot pronounces as always , it’s called beast amino die glycol diamant .


  • When your hair is damaged , the bonds that make up your hair are fragmented , or even broken , then scanned by olaplex and reconstructed .
  • For best results , olaplex is recommended to be used during any salon treatment and then as part of your aftercare at home .
Well now let’s talk about each of the Olaplex products , one at a time and we’ll just go through their numbered system order .

 Olaplex products

 Each Olaplex product contains varying amounts of the hero active ingredient , diaminopropyl diglycol diglycollate .


There are 7 products in total , the first two Olaplex treatments , should be performed exclusively in the salon .


  1. Olaplex 1 .
  2. Olaplex 0 .
  3. Olaplex 3 .
  4. Olaplex shampoo 4 .
  5. Olaplex 5 .
  6. Olaplex 6
  7. Olaplex 7 .


  •  Olaplex 1

 Olaplex 1 can be added directly to all of your chemical treatments ;  Which will prevent damage , and keep your hair strong and healthy.


  • Olaplex 0

 Olaplex 0 is an intensive hair bond building treatment ; that performs primary repairs , strengthens , and protects all hair .


Prepares hair to absorb nutrition, to maximize repair , so it is supposed to help facilitate deeper hair repair .


  •   Olaplex 3

Containing some other reparative ingredients , Olaplex 3 reduces breakage and visibly strengthens hair .


improves its appearance ;  It restores the look and feel of your healthy hair , by repairing damage and protecting the hair structure . It is applied to hair after color treatment before shampooing , to restore any remaining broken bonds .  


Olaplex 3 can be used as a once-a-week , at-home treatment . it rejuvenates the hair and reverses any damage that may have occurred after a salon session .


 Apply for at least 20 minutes on damp hair .  This product is a favorite of all , and it is the most effective product that consumers can access .


 How to use Olaplex 3?

  •  (1) – Olaplex 3 is used before washing your hair , so what you will do is that you will wet your hair completely ; until it is damp or you can use a wet dry towel on your hair.


  • (2) – Then you comb your hair , making sure there are no tangles in it , so when you apply the product , it applies well to the strands .


  • (3) – Once the hair is combed , what you will do is you will take a small amount ; and you will put it at the root of the hair and then work your way down .


 Put a little of it on the palms of your hands , then rub it together in your hands . then apply it to the root ; and then to the ends of the hair .


  •  (4) – Comb the hair just to make sure ; it is evenly distributed .  Hair can be wrapped in a bun if you are a female .  And put a little blanket on it just to keep the moisture inside .  And to keep everything nice and tight .


  • (5) – It is recommended to use this product once a week , if you have severely damaged hair .


Then you can go ahead ; and use it two to three times a week .  Then leave it on your hair for 10-20 minutes .


 If you feel like you need more time ; you can go ahead and leave it half an hour of your time and you don’t need much .


  •  (6) – Then it’s time to shower and rinse thoroughly . I assure you that you will feel surprisingly soft on the hair and it’s also really easy to run , your fingers through your hair .


  •  Olaplex shampoo no 4

The Olaplex 4 shampoo is used , just like a very thick block , it has a very nice thick texture .


And Olaplex 5 ; It is a conditioner to cleanse , strengthen and add moisture to your hair after every wash .


 It has a thick , rich and truly luxurious creamy texture .  It is a bond maintenance conditioner ; that also helps repair and strengthen , moisturize all hair types , and smells just like shampoo .


 olaplex shampoo and conditioner reviews

The shampoo is really great , to help rebuild and repair the hair bonds again together with the conditioner .


They will also help in strengthening the hair ; and protecting it from any future damage .


 The other great thing about Olaplex shampoo , is that it helps treat any hair type , whether you have curly hair , wavy hair , wavy hair , straight hair or tightly coiled hair , it will help repair and rejuvenate it .


  •   Olaplex 6

 Olaplex No 6 Leave-In Cream maintains frizz , for up to 72 hours . Which makes your hair super soft , manageable and needs to be applied after washing your hair , while it is still damp .


And you can actually use it ; at night before going to bed to help smooth out any frizz .


  •  Olaplex 7

 Finally , the latest release is olaplex 7 which is a bonding oil , highly concentrated , that adds visible shine , as a styling oil .  It can also be used as heat protection .


 You can either choose to follow a routine ; with these olaplex products . Or choose to visit a salon every two weeks to get olaplex care .


The products are expensive , but lighter at home in the long run than the salon .


This treatment is more for the health of your hair , than styling and appearance . so if you’re looking for a visual makeover , this might not be your first choice . 

 olaplex experience

  •  Having said that – if your hair is going through a painful phase , and it’s lifeless and completely fried , olaplex is exactly what you need .


  • All olaplex products are amazing products for your hair . it’s like a little magic potion , it’s like a genie in a bottle .  It honestly makes your hair feel silky and looks great .


  •  The only downside I really see about these products , however , is the size, which we wish were larger . But other than that we think it’s a great way to do a salon quality hair treatment at home .
  • If you can’t go to a salon , or it might be too expensive .  You can just buy olaplex , and use it at home .


  •  This product is definitely a hit among many hairstylists , and technicians . as it is a results-oriented product , that shows a difference with immediate use .
  • If you ask us , we totally recommend this formula , if you want to revive your damaged hair .