nobel prize and who are first to receive it

nobel prize is one  of the most famous global prizes that are given to creators. It is known about that award that it is given to creators in their respective fields.


Nobel prize

  • It is not limited to a specific field, and is considered among the prizes that are awarded annually.


  • It is awarded during the month of December, specifically on the tenth of December of each year. 


  • The Prize was named after the Nobel , after the Swedish scientist Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.


  • Nobel Prize is not a single prize, but rather it represents many awards, which are awarded annually by Swedish-Norwegian institutions in various fields.  It is chemistry, literature, peace, physics and medicine.


  • Nobel Prize was awarded for the first time in 1901, and between 1901 and 2019 Nobel Prizes were awarded 590 times to 935 people and organizations. 


  • The award ceremony is held annually in Sweden, with the exception of the Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony in Norway.


  • The Prize winner receives a gold medal, a certificate of appreciation and a sum of money, which are determined by Swedish institutions and are not granted after death.


  • However, if the Prize-winning person dies before handing it over, the prize may be handed over to a relative. 


  • The Prize can be awarded to more than one person or two persons, but it cannot be awarded to more than three individuals. 


  • The Nobel Peace Prize is often awarded to an organization rather than a single person.


 Alfred Nobel

  • Alfred Nobel was born on October 21, 1833 in Sweden and died on December 10, 1896. In a family, most of which are engineers.


  • Alfred Nobel was a chemist, engineer, and inventor, and Alfred Nobel had an iron and steel factory, in which he used to manufacture weapons.


  • He contributed to many fields where he worked as an engineer, inventor and chemist, and Alfred Nobel holds Swedish citizenship. 


  • He invented dynamite in the year 1867 and then recommended most of his wealth earned from the invention to the Nobel Prize named after him.


  • The Nobel Prize is presented in fields including ((medicine – physics – chemistry – literature – economics)). Nobel prizes have been awarded since 1901 to the present day.


  • Nobel also contributed to much of the progress in British military arms, and in 1888 Nobel was shocked when he read an article in a French newspaper titled The Death of a Dealer of Death.


  • This made Noble afraid of how people would remember him, and this situation had a great impact on Noble’s life.


  • Noble wrote his will during his life . what surprised people, when commandment was opened, he found it written in it.


  • where he had devoted his wealth to the work of a prize, for those who add something new in the world, in the fields of physics, chemistry, medicine, literature and peace.


  • On November 27, 1895, Nobel signed his last will and testament with the Swedish-Norwegian club in Paris.


  • They dedicated the bulk of his company to founding Nobel Prizes, which are awarded annually without discrimination to the nationality of the winner.


nobel prize

nobel prize money

After taxes and bequests to individuals, Nobel allocated 94% of a total value of SEK 31,225,000 to create five Nobel Prizes.


It was equivalent to 1,687,837 pounds at the time.  In 2012, the Nobel Prize capital amounted to approximately (472 million US dollars or 337 million Euros).  That is, almost twice the initial capital amount, given the inflation in currencies.


nobel prize categories

  • The first three prizes are awarded in the natural sciences, chemistry, and medical sciences or physiology.


  • The fourth prize is awarded to literary works “in an idealistic direction”.


  • The fifth prize is awarded to the person or community that does the greatest service to international peace, such as limiting armies, or in establishing or strengthening peace conferences.


Nobel Prize awarding institution

  •  It is an institution founded by the scientist Nobel and dedicated a prize, to those who serve humanity.


  • Nobel left out of stocks about 94 percent of his fortunes, and this foundation formed the economic basis for the Nobel Prize.


  • The Nobel Foundation is exempt from paying taxes in Sweden.  And the corporation has made very profitable investments, until its total profits amounted to three and a half billion Swedish kronor.


nobel prize winners

Who are the first to receive the Nobel Prize?


nobel prize physics

  • (1) – The first person to receive the Nobel Prize in Physics :

The German scientist “Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen” received the first Nobel Prize for Physics.  And that after he was able to visualize the internal parts of a human hand, by using rays now called x-rays.


  • (2) – The first person to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry :

 Dutch chemist “Jakobs Vant Hof” won the first Nobel Prize for Chemistry, after discovering the osmotic pressure and its importance in plant and animal life.


  • (3) – The first recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine :

Doctor ‘Emil von Behring’ received his first Nobel Prize for Medicine, after he revolutionized the field of medical sciences by discovering a vaccine against diphtheria that killed many people at that time.


  • (4) – The first person to receive the Nobel Prize in Literature:

The first Nobel Prize in Literature was the poet Sully Prudhum, who stopped completing his engineering studies and turned to literature and poetry.


 After suffering a disease in his eye, Solly received this award after presenting literary and poetic works that carried in their folds a distinct mixture of literature and thought.


  • 5) – The first person to receive the Nobel Prize in Peace.:

The first Nobel Peace Prize was shared by “Henry Dunant,” the founder of the Red Cross, and Frederick Passy, ​​one of the most important peace advocates at that time.


 Who was the first woman to receive the Nobel Prize

  • Marie Curie is considered to be the first woman to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics.


  • she was also able to win the Nobel Prize in Chemistry at a later time.


  • she is considered the first person to win the Nobel Prize twice, as it was able to make many discoveries, as it discovered radioactivity, as well as radium and polonium.


  • With the help of her husband, Pierre Curie, she also developed X-rays after her husband’s death.


Nobel Prize Collection Ceremony

  • All Nobel prizes are presented in Sweden, except for the Nobel Peace Prize, which is held in Norway.


  • a secondary Nobel Prize award ceremony is held on December 10, on the anniversary of Nobel’s death.


Prizes awarded when winning nobel prize

  •  Award medals :

 The medals were used in the Nobel Prize.  The Nobel Foundation announced that it intended to produce Nobel Prize medals. 


It is obtained by a prize winner in various fields.  Nobel Prize Medals are registered trademarks of the Nobel Foundation itself. 


The medal is distinguished by the presence of a picture of Alfred Nobel on it, and on the other side there is the specialization section in which the award was awarded.


  • Award appreciation certificates :

 A Nobel Prize winner obtains a certificate from the hand of the King of Sweden, and the certificate contains his photo and a text written in Swedish.


It indicates the name of the winner and the name of the domain in which he was awarded a prize.


  •  Financial reward :

Prize winners in various fields get an amount of money when they receive the prizes.  Which is worth about one and a half million US dollars.


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