How to make chocolate cake with and without sauce

Chocolate is one of the best types of sweets preferred by adults and children, and it is one of the types of sweets whose taste is no different. Chocolate is also considered a dessert that everyone feels pleasure when eating, and which is used in a large number of recipes and cakes.


Chocolate is also one of the most flavors that all families use to make sweets at home or even buy them from outside the home.


Chocolate cake

It is one of the most beautiful sweets that both children and adults love, without exception. And it is very popular.


the majority of chocolate cake recipes, you can prepare them at home in an easy way, as the ingredients for them are available to everyone and easy to prepare.


How to make chocolate cake with sauce


  1. a cup of milk
  2. sugar cup
  3. a cup of oil
  4. 5 tablespoons good quality raw cocoa
  5. 2 cup of flour
  6. tablespoon baking powder
  7. 3 eggs
  8. tablespoon vinegar
  9. small pinch of salt
  10. 2 tablespoons yogurt
  11. teaspoon vanilla


Work steps

  • 1- Put the milk, sugar, oil and cocoa in the blender and beat well, take a cup from it and put it in the refrigerator to decorate the face of the cake.


  • 2- Take the rest of the previous mixture and put it in a bowl and put eggs, vanilla, yogurt and vinegar on it. We continue to beat, then put a pinch of salt, flour and baking powder, then stir well until the mixture is homogeneous.


  • 3- It is placed in a tray greased with oil and a little flour, then placed in a medium oven (180 degrees Celsius) for about half an hour.


  • 4- After we take out the cakes from the oven, leave them to cool, then decorate them with the sauce that is in the fridge.


How to make chocolate cake without sauce


  1. Four cups of fine white flour
  2. cup of sugar
  3. a glass of milk
  4. Three grains of eggs
  5. cup of vegetable oil
  6. Five tablespoons of raw cocoa
  7. 1 tablespoon of baking powder
  8. A teaspoon of vanilla
  9. a tablespoon of vinegar
  10. Two tablespoons of yogurt
  11. small pinch of salt


How to prepare:

  • 1- Sift each of the flour, cocoa, baking powder, and sprinkle with salt well through the sieve, to make sure that there are no impurities in them.


  • 2- Bring the bowl of the electric mixer and put the milk, yogurt, vinegar, eggs and vanilla in it. Close the bowl of the electric mixer well, turn it on the ingredients and drop in the oil one by one and continue whisking until the ingredients are mixed together.


  • 3- Put this mixture in a bowl and drop it with the flour mixture, stirring, in one direction until the ingredients are mixed together.


  • 4- Take a suitable baking tray and grease it with a little oil from all the edges. Sprinkle the tray with a little flour. Pour the cake mixture into the tray.


  • 5- Preheat the oven at 180°C. We put the cake tray in the oven and leave it until it is completely cooked. It may take between half an hour or an hour, but at least a quarter.


  • Be careful not to open the oven while they’re ripening, so they don’t sag when exposed to air. After the chocolate cake is done, remove it from the oven and leave it to cool slightly.


  • 6- Cut the chocolate cake according to the preferred shape, and serve it next to a cup of tea or coffee for a thousand health and here.

Chocolate cake


Different ways to make chocolate sauce

Chocolate sauce is a delicious dessert that is easy to prepare. Which is used to decorate different types of cake or cookies and ice cream.


1)- Chocolate Cocoa Sauce


  1. cup of vegetable oil
  2. cup of liquid milk
  3. cup of fine sugar
  4. Three tablespoons of raw cocoa, good quality.


How to prepare:

  • Put the sugar and milk in the electric mixer, and mix the ingredients together.


  • Add cocoa after the sugar has completely dissolved, taking care to continue mixing.


  • Gradually add the oil and mix slowly until the sauce is ready.


2)- Chocolate sauce in another way with cocoa


  1. About 100gm butter
  2. 1 tablespoon of cocoa
  3. 1 tablespoon of powdered sugar
  4. Two tablespoons of liquid milk
  5. 6 cubes of ready-made chocolate


How to prepare:

  • Mix all ingredients together over low heat.


  • Stir the mixture continuously until the ingredients dissolve.


  • Leave the mixture on the fire until it thickens, and becomes homogeneous in texture.


3)- Chocolate cream sauce


  1. 100 grams of butter
  2. fine sugar to taste
  3. Half a cup of powdered milk
  4. One and a half cups of raw cocoa
  5. Half a teaspoon of vanilla extract
  6. Four tablespoons of whipping cream
  7. One teaspoon of Nescafe, dissolved in a quarter cup of water


How to prepare:

  • Beat butter with sugar using an electric mixer for several minutes, add milk, cocoa, and whipping cream, taking care to whisk continuously.


  • Add the melted Nescafe, and whisk the ingredients for a few more minutes until a sauce forms.


How to make ganache chocolate sauce


  • 1 cup of whipping or cooking cream
  • 1 and a quarter cup of chocolate chips
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla.


How to prepare:

  • Bring a pot and then put the pot on a low heat.


  • Cream is added to the pot on the fire until it is heated, but without reaching the boiling point.


  • Another bowl is brought, then the chocolate pieces are placed, in the bowl, and in the event that it is a chocolate bar, it is well grated.


  • The cream is poured over the chocolate without mixing or stirring it.


  • The mixture is started to stir after several minutes have passed, then the vanilla is added and used after it has cooled completely.


How to make ganache with milk


  1. Half a cup of chocolate chips
  2. Quarter of a stick of butter
  3. Quarter of a cup of milk.


How to prepare:

  • The amount of milk is heated in the microwave, but without boiling.


  • A bowl is brought and the chocolate is placed in it.


  • Butter is added to the chocolate in the bowl.


  • Add the milk to the previous mixture with the need to stir and mix well.