how to get healthy hair naturally at home

 Hair care is necessary to maintain its beauty, attractiveness, health and safety.  Perhaps the hair care, through the person himself.


 Therefore, proper nutrition must be followed first, then the use of natural oils, and the avoidance of harmful industrial cosmetics that harm the hair.


 Many women are looking for long, smooth, and not brittle hair, because it increases the beauty and femininity of women.


 Therefore, we will share with you the most important tips and methods that will help you solve various hair problems.


 In addition to maintaining its vitality, especially with external and internal influences, which affect it negatively.


tips for healthy hair growth

  • (1) Washing the hair on a daily basis, and frequently, as this is harmful to it.  Therefore, doctors recommend washing it twice a week in the winter, and three times a week in the summer.


  • (2) The hair should be combed from time to time, to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp.


  • (3) When combing the hair, the comb should not touch the scalp, but only touch the hair.


  • (4) When washing hair with conditioner or shampoo, apply it to the ends, not the roots.  And when washing it, make sure that it is completely clean of its residue, so that it does not settle on the scalp and grow bacteria.


  • (5) Do not comb the hair while it is wet, wait until it dries a little, then use the brush to comb it.


  • (6) Wash the hair with a little warm water at first to open the pores, and make use of shampoo, masks, or whatever you want to apply.


 Finally, wash the hair with cold water, to block the pores of the scalp.


  • (7) Hair dryers, irons and any source of heat should be avoided.  Because high temperature removes hair gloss.  Or try as much as possible not to overuse a hot iron.


  • (8) Use the cream bath twice a week, and the shampoo once a week, and dilute it with water.


  • (9) Cut the ends of the hair constantly to remove the impurities attached to the ends and to continue to grow, and to get rid of the weak and brittle hair at the ends.


  • (10) Try as much as possible to use henna, as an alternative to artificial dyes.


  • (11) Stay away from anything metallic in your hair, whether it is a comb, hair roll, hairpin, or a penny.


  • (12) Be sure to rub the scalp if using a natural oil, a natural mask, or a natural oil bath.


 But if using mixed shampoo, conditioner and synthetic cosmetics, avoid massaging the scalp and only apply it to the hair without the scalp.


  • (13) Do not comb the hair excessively, as this may cause its ends to crack.


  • (14) Do not overuse or dye hair treatments.


  • (15) Drink plenty of water, including at least 8 glasses each day, whether it is pure water, juices, or even soup.  This is to ensure the hair is moisturized, keeping it healthy.


  • (16) Do yoga or some exercises to relieve stress;  As repeated exposure to stress and stress contributes to hair loss.


how to nourish hair follicles

now we recommend to you the most important natural oils recommended for use, for the health and growth of hair.  


we will provide you with the most important natural oils that soften hair, and help in its healthy growth.


  1. (1) Olive oil.
  2.  (2) Coconut oil.
  3.  (3) Rosemary oil.
  4.  (4) Jojoba oil.
  5.  (5) Flaxseed oil.
  6.  (6) Lavender oil.
  7. (7) Castor oil.

 Natural oils for hair

  •  (1) Olive oil:

 We all know that olive oil is one of the most beneficial natural oils, and it is versatile for solving hair problems.


 One of its benefits is to have healthy, long, soft and moist hair.


 Thus, it increases the beauty of the hair, as it stimulates the growth of hair follicles, and is a major component in the best hair cosmetics.


 It can be used alone, or by mixing it with bitter almond oil, and castor oil.


 Massage the scalp with this oil daily for a month, and gradually reduce it and you will find an impressive result.


  •  (2) Coconut oil:

 Coconut oil is one of the most important oils that treat hair, from many problems to disappear permanently.  It is not a mask for problems, but a cure for them.


 Its importance and nutritional value is due to its nutritional, mineral and acidic components, which help in treating damaged hair and removing dry hair.


 Therefore, owners of dry hair prefer to use this oil, as it stimulates the scalp to grow, prevents hair loss and removes dandruff.


 It can be used as an oil to paint the hair alone, or by mixing it with a group of natural oils.


  •  (3) Rosemary oil:

 For those who suffer from hair growth problems, this oil will benefit you a lot, as it is one of the best oils for hair that gives hair effective growth and super softness.


 It also stimulates blood circulation and stimulates the scalp, to grow hair follicles in a healthy way.


 You will get long and healthy hair, and it can be used by mixing it well with shampoo, conditioner, or by mixing it with beneficial hair oils such as olive oil.


 (4) Jojoba oil:

 This oil repairs, re-growth and healthy hair, and also moisturizes the hair follicles and scalp better.


 It is preferable to apply it to the hair daily and massage the scalp with it, to nourish it from the roots.


 Therefore, it is one of the favorite oils for those who have lost the health of their hair as a result of dyes.  And their repeated exposure to iron, bleaching and other thermal effects.


natural oils for hair growth stimulants

  •  (5) Flaxseed oil:

  One of the best natural oils that can be used is flaxseed oil, as it rebuilds damaged hair.


 It prevents hair loss by stimulating the scalp and prevents the ends of the hair from breaking.


 Therefore, whoever suffers from weak hair follicles or the hair itself is light, it is preferable to put this oil on his head daily before bed.


  (6) Lavender oil:

  Essential oil has great benefits in fighting dandruff, split ends and irritation.  It gives a better result when making a hair mask.


 Mix it with green tea tree oil, massage the hair with it well, leave it for two hours on the hair, and then rinse it well.


 (7) Castor oil:

  Castor oil is one of the most important and powerful hair oils recommended for use, either alone or mixed with other oils.  Preferably not without oil bath.


 It is considered one of the most omega-rich oils and is considered an antibiotic for fungi and bacteria. 


Therefore, it protects the hair from damage and the appearance of dandruff, which is one of the strongest causes of various hair problems, as it strengthens the hair roots and stimulates their growth.


 There are also other natural oils that cannot be ignored, namely almond oil, peppermint oil, and bone marrow oil, which have great benefits.   


black seed oil, watercress, mustard, amber oil, and others. make sure to grease the scalp daily with the oil you have available from these oils, and continue to use them, to see the amazing and wonderful result.


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 To get an amazing result when using natural oils for hair, it is necessary to follow the following points:


  • (1) If the hair is greasy, avoid massaging the scalp with oil, and apply it to the middle and ends of the hair.


  • (2) If the hair is dry, it is recommended to massage the scalp with oil, but do not go too deep into the scalp.  Stay a few centimeters from the deep roots.


 Because it naturally produces oily oils, and when massaged with another oil, it causes the hair to become greased, attracting dirt and impurities in abundance, which clogs the scalp.


  • (3) Use an oil suitable for the nature of your hair, and if your hair is greasy, stay away from fatty oils and use light oils such as: sesame oil and olive oil, but if the hair is dry, use almond oil, mustard oil or coconut oil.


  • (4) If the hair is natural and not dry or greasy, it is preferable to use jojoba oil or almond oil.


  • (5) Try to apply the oil to dry areas that are not saturated with the natural oil produced by your scalp.


  • (6) Do not overuse the oil according to the length and density of your hair.


  • (7) Try to use a light oil if you want to use it daily, not just in masks and oil baths.


  • (8) The oils used should be heated in the oil bath;  To penetrate more into the hair, this is done by making a steam bath for it. 


That is, the oils are placed in a container and the pot is placed in another pot of boiling water, and the oil is heated indirectly so that it does not lose its nutritional value.


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We will provide you with points for solving different hair problems for all hair types in simple, easy and accessible ways that interest everyone.


  • To solve the problem of dry hair:

 Mix a tablespoon of castor oil and egg yolk.  Put it on your hair for half an hour, massage it well and wash it with warm water and finally with cold water.


  •  To strengthen hair follicles:

Mix two tablespoons of fenugreek powder with soft henna and apply to hair from roots to ends for two hours, then rinse, preferably weekly.


    •  For rough and dull hair:

Make an oil bath for the hair, by heating one of the natural oils mentioned above indirectly, then put it on the head from the roots to the ends and massage until you feel warm in your head. 


Cover it with plastic wrap and wrap it in a towel soaked in hot water for two hours, then rinse with water only.


  •   For the split ends problem:

 Rub the ends of the hair with the remains of the cooked coffee.


solution for hair problems

  •  For hair density:

Mix four egg yolks with three tablespoons of castor oil, apply it to the hair, wrap it in a plastic cap and a towel dampened with hot water, leave for six to eight hours, then rinse well.


  •  For fine hair:

Make a mixture of yogurt, olive oil and honey and apply it on the head for two hours after massaging it well.


foods that nourish hair

Hair care is one of the important things that a person should pay attention to.  Where it is imperative to eat healthy food related to hair health, such as nuts, leafy green vegetables, beans and carrots.


 Losing weight quickly, greatly affects the loss of large amounts of nutrients from the body, which affects hair loss, dryness and health loss.


  1. fish
  2. Yogurt
  3. Spinach
  4. Guava
  5. Soybeans, lentils and liver:
  6. poultry
  7. Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrot,    Mango
  8. Cinnamon
  9.  eggs
  10.  Oysters


superfoods hair care

  •  (1) fish:

The fish helps thicken the hair, giving it a beautiful shine and luster.


 (2) Yogurt:

Where milk contributes to stimulating the process of hair growth, which helps to lengthen the hair and make it more dense.


  • (3)  Spinach:

 Spinach fights the problem of dry and dull hair, as it helps to nourish it and make it healthy and moisturized in an excellent way.


  • (4)  Guava:

 Guava protects hair from factors that may cause damage and damage.


  •  (5) Soybeans, lentils and liver:

 Where grains, meat of the internal organs of the animal and green leafy vegetables help in treating the problem of hair loss.  This is because it contains large amounts of iron, which strengthens the hair and prevents its loss.


  •  (6) poultry:

Protein rich poultry helps stimulate hair growth and thicken it well.


  • (7) Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Carrot, and Mango:

 These foods help treat dry and dull hair.


  •  (8) Cinnamon:

 Cinnamon promotes blood flow to the scalp, and this helps nourish the hair, making it healthier and stronger.


  • (9)  eggs:

 Where eggs help in combating the problem of hair loss, strengthening it and stimulating its growth effectively.


  •  (10) Oysters:

 Oysters promote excellent hair growth, because they contain zinc and other minerals that fight the problem of hair loss.


 Hair is like any other organ in the human body or one of its senses. It must always be taken care of in order to preserve its safety, and knowing that the health of the hair indicates the health of the body.


 In the case of hair loss, the body is lean and vice versa.  So follow the hair care tips, avoid the warnings and use natural oils and masks to enjoy the health and shine of your hair.