winter weight gain and tips to avoid this

We give you the causes of winter weight gain and some tips to avoid winter weight gain.

winter season

  • winter season comes and many of us suffer from lethargy and a desire to not move. as well as excessive eating foods rich in calories. which exposes many people to the risk of many diseases, and overweight “obesity”. 
  • people ask about the causes of winter weight gain and some repeat the famous sentence  “Next winter I will lose weight”. the winter passes without losing weight, and vice versa, gaining weight from the previous winter.
  • Did you know that we are, in fact, losing our weight in the winter, without realizing it. because the lower temperatures in the winter season , push our bodies without feeling the preservation of their natural temperature, which is 37 degrees.
  • so our bodies consume in winter a greater amount of accumulated fat, and turn it into a source of energy. but  Despite this, we feel very hungry, so we find our bodies require more foods. that contain sugars and carbohydrates to raise their energy and face cold.
  • so we eat more sugars and drinks, which are one of the most important causes of weight gain in the winter.

Causes of winter weight gain 

There are some things that happen in our bodies; without us being aware of them that cause winter weight gain and they are:
  •  1- Our body temperature is higher than the low air temperature, so we need foods with sugars to keep warm.
  •  2- The body depends on the accumulated fats as an energy source , during the winter. and it needs to be renewed permanently , so that we do not feel exhausted, so we eat more foods.
  •  3- The body burns calories during the winter, so we need more food to supply it with energy.
  •  4-There are wrong habits that cause weight gain in the winter. which is lack of movement, as winter comes and we want to sit under the covers to get warmth.
so we do not move much because of the cold weather, and not practicing any physical activity. while continuing to eat , causes our bodies not to burn calories and this is definitely from  Causes of weight gain in winter.
  •  5- Among the causes of weight loss in the winter season , is winter depression. Depression occurs because of the different seasons and weather. so our biological clock is disrupted.
in addition to the fact that people who are not exposed to sunlight for a long time are more injured than others; and this depression occurs as a result of hormonal disruption and the different biological clock.
The Cleveland Clinic in the United States of America conducted a statistic and found that, there are half a million people who suffer from winter depression annually.
those with it suffer from severe sadness, inability to concentrate, difficulties in sleeping and severe exhaustion.
it was found that these people suffer from emotional breathing in food. as they buy foods that  They contain more carbohydrates , and do not care about a healthy diet.
  •  6- That there is not enough physical activity, and the winter season is an inappropriate period for exercising , due to the lack of time and cold weather. which ultimately leads to the accumulation of fat in the body and the incidence of obesity.
winter weight gain

Some tips to avoid winter weight gain

Of course, we all want to eat hot soups and hot foods , to increase body heat and fight cold.  However, we can take advantage of that period to start a healthy diet , to lose excess weight as well.
 To avoid weight gain during the winter season, there are some necessary steps, you know them through the following:
  • 1- Eat foods that give warmth and do not contain sugars and salts. such as legumes such as lentil soup and green leaves , such as spinach and carrots.
  • There are some healthy foods that help raise the body temperature , without causing weight gain.
  • For example, spicy foods help raise your body temperature while burning extra calories. Add some spicy spices to salads or soups. to avoid weight gain and feel warm during the winter.
  • 2- Drink warm drinks in the winter, that help in losing weight, such as green tea, cinnamon and ginger. And avoid drinks that cause weight gain such as orchid and cocoa.
  • 3- Eat healthy fats, one of the common mistakes in most diet regimes is not eating fats completely. The body needs healthy fats, which help in absorbing some nutrients from food and which also aid in weight loss. 
  • Healthy fats help the body absorb some vitamins, like vitamins A, D, and E, which are vital to maintaining a healthy nervous system. This means that you should regularly eat healthy sources of fats during your meals.
  • Healthy unsaturated fats are found in many foods, such as olive oil, almonds, avocados, salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, and coconut oil.
  •  4- Sweets should be eaten in small quantities. as refined sugars and carbohydrates may cause obesity and heart disease. But you can have some sweets in a small proportion.
  • Choose desserts that are high in nutrients and also have fresh fruit. For example, sweet potato baked sweet, apple pie, pumpkin baked goods. and more, these foods combine with essential vitamins with a delicious taste.
  •  5- Sleeping for sufficient periods; during cold days, the day becomes shorter, which may cause an increase in the desire to sleep.
  • Make sure you sleep enough times during the day, and get up early to enjoy the sunlight.  When going early and being exposed to the sun.
  • this positively affects the maintenance of a healthy body. and an increase in the metabolism rate.  It also helps avoid the urge to snack at night.
  •  6- Increase mobility; Winter may be one of the periods when the percentage of exercise. and going to the gym decreases, Try to find some movement activities that you prefer to do indoors. to increase motor activity and avoid winter weight gain.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes a day, and even a simple exercise, such as walking exercise, will give your body energy and warmth, and you will lose a lot of weight.
  • 7- Try to eat the maximum number of meals at home,  this gives you complete control over the ingredients. such as sugar, fats, oil and salt that go into your food.
  • 8- You can treat winter depression in several ways, including changing the routine of daily activities , or with the help of a psychiatrist.
  •  9- Eating milk and its derivatives. because it contains enzymes that facilitate digestion and improve the movement of food in the intestine.
vitamin B12.