Green tea and its health benefits for the body

 Green tea

Green tea is one of the types of drinks served hot, and it is very popular.  As it is characterized by many medical and therapeutic benefits; that it provides to the body, it helps prevent many human diseases.


Green tea is a type of tea that is low in oxidation during manufacture.  Unlike red tea, green tea is not fermented and also contains a wide range of antioxidants, and various compounds beneficial to health.


Drinking a cup of green tea increases , the level of antioxidants in the bloodstream.  Green tea contains compounds called catechins that have many benefits for skin and hair.


It also contains B vitamins, folate (folic acid), manganese, potassium, magnesium and caffeine.


 Methods of green tea production and processing

All types of green, black and Chinese tea are mainly produced from a plant known as Camellia sinensis using different methods of production, for example:


  • (1) – Green tea is the result of an evaporation process, in which fresh green leaves pass through it. 

Green tea has the highest concentration of antioxidants, due to the way it is manufactured.  Either fresh tea leaves are heated to dryness or lightly steamed to preserve their quality , and prevent oxidation of their ingredients.


  • (2) – Chinese black tea is the result of a fermentation of the leaves.  It is worth noting that all other types of tea, with the exception of herbal teas, are all prepared by fermenting the dry leaves of the camellia plant. 

Their different types depend on , the different degree of oxidation of these leaves.


 The caffeine content of green tea

 In general, green tea contains less caffeine than most other teas and coffee.


However, some green teas, such as matcha, can contain more caffeine than black tea or even espresso. 


If you are sensitive to caffeine, try consuming decaffeinated green tea or brewing it weakly, or switching from tea bags to leafless tea.


For each cup (200 ml) of average caffeine green tea:

  • Herbal teas (0 mg).
  • Caffeine dispensed tea (2-20 mg).
  •  Green tea (12–75 mg).
  •  Black tea (40-120 mg).
  •  Coffee (80–200 mg).

grean tea

  Benefits of green tea for a healthy body

Green tea is one of the most prominent types of natural herbs, which are always recommended for its amazing benefits on the health of the body. 


As green tea contains a high proportion of properties, vitamins and nutrients, which work to promote the health of the body, and protect it from diseases.  Among the most important of these benefits:


  • 1- Consuming green tea helps in losing weight and getting rid of excess fats.  The polyphenols in green tea intensify levels of fat oxidation and weight loss.


  • 2- Green tea contains a high amount of vitamins, which work to promote the health of the nervous system and prevent diseases and infections, which affect the nervous system and cause imbalance.


  • 3- Green tea contains some properties, that work to control the level of sugar in the blood and prevent problems faced by diabetics.


  • 4- Green tea contains a high percentage of antioxidants and vitamins, which work to enhance the health of the body and protect it from various cancerous diseases.


  • 5- Green tea contains some elements that promote brain health, and reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s, dementia, and aging diseases.


  • 6- Drinking green tea helps eliminate bad breath, due to the fact that it contains good-smelling elements and properties.


  • 7- Green tea contains a high percentage of properties that promote cardiovascular health, and protect it from arteriosclerosis and strokes.


  • 8- One of the most important natural ways to help promote mental health, get rid of depression and stress.  Due to the relaxing and calming properties it contains.


  • 9- Green tea contains a large proportion of vitamins and nutrients; that work to enhance the health of the immune system and protect it from viruses and infection.


  • 10- Helps treat gingivitis and tooth decay.


 Benefits of green tea for skin

 Drinking green tea has many benefits for human skin and skin. 


If you want more vibrant and fresh skin, you should drink green tea daily, to get more youthful, vibrant and wrinkle-free skin.


 As it helps in treating puffy eyes and dark circles, around the eyes.


The presence of caffeine in green tea shrinks the blood vessels around the eyes, thus treating puffy eyes and getting rid of dark circles around the eyes.


Green tea is an effective treatment for acne. As drinking green tea reduces the appearance of acne and treats it. 


Because green tea is considered a strong antibacterial due to the presence of polyphenols that lead to resistance on bacterial membranes.  This means that green tea is a useful way to treat the bacterial growth that is one of the causes of acne.


Studies have proven the effectiveness of green tea in preventing skin cancer. 


Green tea contains antioxidant compounds that work to resist DNA damage from the risk of ultraviolet rays from the sun, and protect people from skin cancer.


 Benefits of green tea for hair

Drinking green tea regularly makes your hair more fresh and vibrant, and prevents it from falling out.  This is because green tea contains antioxidants that work to suppress dihydrotestosterone, or androgens, the main cause of hair loss and baldness. 


As well as other compounds found in green tea such as carotenoids, tacopherol, zinc, ascorbic acid, and selenium that work to prevent hair loss and stimulate its growth.


 Also one of the most important stimuli for hair regrowth is the polyphenols present in green tea, which work to strengthen the hair roots and stimulate the hair follicles.


 It is well known that nervous tension and depression are the main causes of hair loss.  Studies have indicated the importance of green tea in combating stress and depression. 


In addition to all that, green tea stimulates blood circulation in the scalp. 


Green tea stimulates blood circulation and promotes blood flow to all organs, including the scalp. 


In addition to its ability to destroy free radicals that impede proper blood circulation, which helps in healthy hair growth.


 Benefits of green tea for diet 

 Green tea is well-known for its ability to slimming and slimming, and slimming the body.  And it is used in different types of dieting for the following reasons:


  • 1- It contains substances in it that help in raising the metabolism rate, and increasing the percentage of fat burning.


  • 2- It helps the pancreas secrete insulin, and it results in healthy burning of food.


  • 3- It contains compounds that increase the proportion of hormones, which greatly aid in the process of burning fat.


  • 4- Drinking green tea, along with exercising, on a daily and continuous basis, increases the burning rate.


  • 5- Helps suppress the appetite, and thus eat food in unusually small quantities.


  • 6- It helps in getting rid of belly fat, and not accumulating fat in large quantities again in the abdominal area.


  • 7- Green tea helps increase the rate of burning calories, especially those found in the stomach area.


  • 8- It softens the intestinal movement inside the abdomen and eliminates constipation, and thus good digestion of food.


  • 9- It has great effectiveness in the process of regenerating flabby abdominal cells after childbirth.


  • 10- Tea contains natural fibers from pectin, which help the stomach to function normally and help facilitate bowel movement.


 Benefits of green tea with lemon

When green tea is added to lemon, the benefits provided by each of them are doubled and work on the following:


  • 1- Contribute to maintaining heart health from various diseases, and also maintaining the health of the arteries.


  • 2- Green tea and lemon have special properties in the process of weight loss. and slimming, significantly and significantly.


  • 3- It works to fight the signs of aging and wrinkles that appear on the skin, and fight different types of infections.


  • 4- Protection from kidney stones; due to the acid present in lemon.


  • 5- It helps in the absorption of iron and thus, protects the body from anemia.


  • 6- Helps the digestive system to function properly through the fibers present in this drink.


 Is green tea useful before bed?

 Green tea contains a compound called theanine, which is the main compound in tea responsible for improving sleep. 


It helps relax the brain by reducing the stimulation of nerve cells and reducing stress hormones.  Therefore, green tea may improve sleep quality.


But it is worth noting that green tea contains caffeine, which may counteract the effect of Theanine and increase sleep difficulty.


As it reduces the feeling of fatigue and enhances alertness, focus and alertness, the amount of caffeine can be reduced while preparing tea by using water at room temperature instead of boiling water.


 Harms of green tea

Despite the many benefits of green tea, it is like anything that has benefits and disadvantages. 


Because green tea is one of the most prominent drinks that many use to lose weight, as it contains a wide range of nutrients that help burn fat and get rid of accumulated fats.


Therefore, we must note some of the damage caused by green tea:


  • Excessive consumption of green tea, causes tension and stress.


  • Excessive intake of it daily causes chronic headaches.


  • Despite its ability to calm the stomach, it may cause stomach upset and gastrointestinal disturbances.


  • If you drink it more than 3 times a day, the body may lose the vitamins and nutrients it gains, such as calcium and iron.


  •  It causes severe anemia.


warnings when consuming green tea in large quantities

  • 1)- Pregnancy and breastfeeding:

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consuming green tea in small quantities is safe.  But do not drink more than 2 cups a day of green tea.


This amount of tea provides about 200 mg of caffeine.  Consuming more than this amount has been linked to an increased risk of abortion and other negative effects.


Caffeine passes into breast milk and may affect a nursing infant.  Do not drink an excessive amount of green tea if you are breastfeeding.


  • 2- Anemia:

 Drinking green tea might increase anemia.


  • 3– Anxiety disorders:

 The caffeine in green tea increases anxiety.


  • 4- Bleeding disorders:

 Caffeine might increase the risk of bleeding.  Don’t drink green tea if you have a bleeding disorder.


  • 5- Heart disease:

  The caffeine in green tea might cause an irregular heartbeat.


  • 6- Diabetes:

 Caffeine might affect blood sugar control.


  • 7- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS):

 Green tea contains caffeine.  The caffeine in green tea, especially when taken in large amounts, can worsen diarrhea and possibly worsen IBS symptoms.


  • 8 – Glaucoma:

 Green tea increases the risk of high pressure inside the eye.  The increase occurs within 30 minutes and lasts for at least 90 minutes.


  •  9 – High blood pressure:

 The caffeine present in green tea with frequent consumption can increase blood pressure, in people with high blood pressure. 


However, this does not appear to occur in people who regularly drink green tea or other products containing caffeine.


  •  11 – Liver diseases:

Concentrated green tea extracts may negatively affect the liver, especially for those with pre-existing liver problems.


  • 12 – weak bones (osteoporosis):

Drinking green tea can increase the amount of calcium that is excreted in the urine.


You should limit caffeine to less than 300 mg per day (about 2-3 cups of green tea).  It is possible to offset some of the losses caused by caffeine by taking calcium supplements.


 The best way to prepare green tea

To avoid most of its side effects, the best way to prepare it is by soaking, not boiling.  
by adding boiling water to the tea and leaving it for 3-5 minutes, then separating the tea from the water, and then drinking a healthy cup. 
One of the advantages of this method is that it reduces the secretion of substances such as tannin, which cause anemia and constipation, as tannin is largely excreted in the water if the tea is boiled in it.  But this information needs to be carefully studied.


 Green tea drug interactions

  • Sometimes green tea may interact with certain medications, which include:


  • Amphetamines, which are used to stimulate the nervous system.


  • Adenosine, which is used to slow heart contractions via the link between the atrium and the ventricle.


  • Antibiotics, some of which are less effective than green tea.  Such as ciprofloxacin, and tofloxacin.


  • Contraceptive drugs, which are combination medicines such as Ethinylestradiol with norethisterone, or Ethinylestradiol with Levonorgestrel.


  • Asthma medications, such as metaproterenol and terbutaline.


  • Anticoagulant drugs: such as aspirin and naproxen.


  • Depression medications: such as phenelzine and tranylcypromine.


  • Diabetes medications: such as glimepiride and insulin.


In conclusion, the evidence may not be conclusive on the magic benefits of green tea. but nutritionists advise drinking it at intervals that are far from the dates of eating meals and in moderate amounts.

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