Good and bad foods for the liver

 We will talk about good and bad foods for the the liver .


liver function

  • The liver is the largest internal organ that takes care of about 500 basic functions of our body . did you know that ; it filters 1.4 liters of blood ; in one minute .


  • It performs a variety of essential tasks , that range from producing protein , cholesterol and bile .  To store minerals and vitamins , as well as carbohydrates .


  • It also breaks down toxins such as drugs , alcoholic beverages , and byproducts of metabolism .  Which keeps the liver in good condition , maintaining health .
  • The liver usually contains some fat, but when it consists of 5 to 15 of the weight of the liver in fat;  It is called fatty liver.


A) Foods that are good for the liver

 Let’s see five foods that are good for the liver, which we should include in our nutritional plan;
  1.  1) – garlic .
  2. 2) – coffee.
  3. 3)- Omega-3 fatty acids .
  4. 4) – Cruciferous vegetables .
  5. 5) – The different types of tea .


good foods for the liver

  •   1) – garlic :

 Garlic is a powerful herb , and a popular home remedy for treating many health conditions :


  • First : this excellent herb contains selenium , which helps detoxify the liver .


  •  Second : It also contributes to the activation of enzymes capable of expelling toxins from the liver .


  • Third : It has the ability to reduce weight and body.


  • Fourth : garlic gives a great taste to food . you can consume about 400 milligrams of garlic regularly , as part of your daily diet .


  •   2) – coffee :

 Coffee can be one of the simplest and best foods for the liver . as it helps protect the body , from non-alcoholic fatty liver disease .


Coffee contains chlorogenic acid ;  Which has anti-inflammatory , and antioxidant effect .  It reduces cholesterol and high blood pressure .


 Drink coffee ; if you want to choose one of the best foods for fatty liver . you can have two to four cups of coffee a day .
but remember that too much coffee may cause ;  To worry about insomnia , or palpitations .


  •  3) – Omega-3 fatty acids :

 Omega-3 fatty acids are an excellent food , for a fatty liver . as they fight inflammation , obesity , insulin resistance , high blood pressure , and low HDL levels . 


 Omega-3 fatty acids make up one of the best foods to eat for a fatty liver , including sardines , walnuts , and flaxseeds .
You can eat ; 250 to 500 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids per day .


Liver cleanse 

  •  4) – Cruciferous vegetables :

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli , are among the best foods for a fatty liver . These vegetables are high in fiber .


Rich in antioxidants , it boosts liver enzyme levels .  These enzymes help detoxify the liver .


 Eat this cruciferous vegetable as a healthy alternative to spicy fried foods , and other fatty liver foods .


Vegetables are prime sources of fiber , and they contain little or no saturated fat , making them a great choice for the liver . 


In fact ; broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables contain a substance called indole , which is a natural chemical that helps control non-alcoholic liver disease .


 5) – The different types of tea :

 Green tea as a type of tea is liver friendly , due to its antioxidant , and detoxifying effects.  Green tea is an excellent food for a fatty liver .


 Black tea helps reduce body fat and blood fat .  You should consume green or black tea , if you want to keep your liver healthy .


B) Foods harmful to the liver

  • There are many foods that are toxic to the body , and can harm the health of the liver.


  • Consuming the wrong foods , medications , or toxins cause inflammation and damage to liver cells .  Which may lead to hormonal fatty liver disease , bile imbalance , cirrhosis and liver failure . 


  • Here is a list of foods that are harmful to the liver to avoid at all costs .  Your choices of foods and drinks can have surprising side effects on your liver , without you even realizing it :
  1. 1) – Alcohol .


  2. 2)- Sweetened drinks and sugary foods .


  3. 3) – French fries .


  4. 4) – processed foods like pepperoni .


  5. 5) – The cheeseburger .


  6. 6) – Whipped cream .


  7. 7) – Whole milk .


  8. 8) – Ice cream .


  9. 9) – Soup rich with salt .


  10. 10) – Ricotta cheese .


  11. 11) – Bread, pies, pizza, etc .


  12. 12) – Red and processed meat .

Foods bad to liver

  •  1) – Alcohol :

 The liver filters out , toxins like alcohol .  So how can alcohol harm the liver ; if it is filtered by the liver? , Some liver cells die every time, alcohol is filtered , according to Nebraska Medicine .


Significant (and irreversible) damage to liver tissue may occur , especially if too much of it has been drunk over a long period .


But if you are a coffee lover, there is some good news .  Reuters reported that a lower incidence of cirrhosis was linked to drinking two more cups of coffee per day .


Risk reduced by 44%, those two more cups of coffee may also repair alcohol-induced liver damage . 


The good news is that the liver can repair itself from alcohol damage , when you stop drinking alcoholic beverages .


  • 2) – Sweetened drinks and sugary foods :

 The only drink that affects liver health is not alcohol , sugary drinks can also affect liver health very badly .


Fructose , in low concentrations , is processed by the small intestine . But a new study shows that fructose in higher concentrations is bad for the liver .


Consuming large amounts of fructose-rich foods such as raisins can lead to inflammation and fatty liver.


This is because fruit sugar , which is called fructose ;  May generate excessive levels of fats in the blood , when ingested in large quantities .


 Sugary foods often cause insulin resistance in the body , damaging hepatic stellate cells in the liver .

This slows down the liver’s function , preventing it from being able to properly process fats , which leads to nonalcoholic fatty liver disease . Beware of these foods for your toddlers .


 Forbidden foods for people with fatty liver

  •  3) – French fries :

 All types of fatty foods are not preferred by the liver . The liver is responsible for breaking down fats , converting them into energy , and thus when you overeat a lot of fatty meals .


It may cause fatty liver disease , the accumulation of fat in liver cells .  French fries , which are rich in saturated fat , can contribute to this problem .  But it may also lead to long-term inflammation .


 Inflammation is known to cause scar tissue to develop in the liver , a complication of cirrhosis.


  • 4) – processed foods like pepperoni :

 Pepperoni is mainly rich in saturated fats , saturation is one of the worst kinds of things to hit the liver .  Food such as pepperoni should be avoided .


Pepperoni is one of the biggest nutrients , packed with excessive saturated fat . containing about 17.7 grams per 100 grams of saturated fat (89% of the DV) .


Saturated fats are considered more ” metabolically harmful ” to the liver than other fats , according to the Fatty Liver Foundation .


 Try a bowl of warm oatmeal , which can reverse the results of fatty liver disease , instead of eating pepperoni or other cured meats .


 fatty foods for toddlers

  •  5) – The cheeseburger :

 Cheeseburger is a food that has a bad reputation due to its high levels of saturated fat .  Which are mostly found in animal products and oils .


According to the American Heart Association , it can eventually increase the risk of heart disease , and stroke .
 Some fast foods contain up to 16 grams of saturated fat , so you may want to avoid them unless you make or grill the burger yourself .


  •  6) – Whipped cream :

 Whipped cream is not good .  Except for its wonderful , succulent flavor , you know .


 However, there aren’t many benefits , or any actual benefits , when it comes to the healthy look of whipped cream . 


There are a lot of high calories , sugar , fat , and saturated fat in whipped cream .


There are about 23.2 grams per cup of cream .  Like any of the other meals high in saturated fats on this list .


 Milk damage to the liver

  •  7) – Whole milk :

 One cup of whole milk contains about 9.1 grams of saturated fat , which isn’t ideal if you’re considering liver . 


Low-fat milk , which is abundant in whey protein , can be essential to prevent future liver damage .


 Try switching to the low-fat version , or having tea instead of drinking whole milk .


 Green tea is a good drink for your liver and health .  You can drink green tea for your health.


Regular intake of green tea has been determined to , enhance liver blood parameters.


  •  8) – Ice cream :

 On behalf of the liver , you should avoid sweets that are high in sugar .


Most ice creams , per 1/2 cup, contain 92 percent of the daily value from saturated fat .


You cannot tolerate these levels of saturated fat , if you have liver problems .  Cake frosting and any dessert with the whipped cream ; mentioned above are another dessert, which should be clear .


  •  9) – Soup rich with salt :
  •  Not all soup is bad for you .  However , many soups likely contain a massive amount of salt .


  • It is associated with excessive consumption of sodium ;  Directly related to liver problems .


  •  Eating meals high in salt , such as processed and packaged soups , may contribute to liver scarring, for example .


  •  Soups may be an easy supply of vegetables, but fresh vegetables are better for you than canned ones.


bad foods for the liver

  •   10) – Ricotta cheese :

 Ricotta cheese is not the ideal choice for your liver meal , ricotta cheese should be avoided for anyone suffering from hepatitis . 

There are 10.3 grams of saturated fat ; per cup .

If you want cheese , almonds are a better alternative for snacks . Whole sources of vitamin E , almonds and walnuts help protect your body from fatty liver disease , and can provide heart-healthy benefits .


  •  11) – Bread, pies, pizza, etc :
  •  These are some of the worst foods that damage the liver , as they cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin .


  • This promotes fatty deposits in the liver, which hinder its normal functions .


  •  And the worst foods are bread cake , pancakes , pizza , biscuits , waffles , pasta and rice , these foods are rich in carbohydrates ; that have the same negative effects as eating pure sugar .


  •  You should always stop eating such foods .  Where there is a lack of minerals , fiber and vital vitamins in them .
  •  The highly refined kernels are converted to sugar content .  This substance is difficult to deal with and ends up in the liver in the form of fat . 
  •  It is one of the main causes of fatty liver disorders . Instead , you should choose nutritious options that help your liver stay healthy all year long .


  • Unfortunately , when it comes to liver health , bread may not be a good choice for the liver .


  •  12) – Red and processed meat :

 eating a lot of processed and red meat ;  It may increase your chances of developing a serious liver condition as well as insulin resistance .


Red meat may be high in protein, but it’s hard for the liver to absorb .


 The breakdown of proteins in the liver is not easy , and it can cause many liver problems.


In addition ; excess protein in the liver , can cause fatty disorders in the liver , and can negatively affect the brain and kidneys .


  • These are the nutritional foods that make the liver bad .  Everything remains within the limits and is fine , but once you exceed these limits , you threaten the health of the liver .
  • There are many nutritional foods ; that cause liver damage .


  • There are also plenty of natural foods ; that you can use to heal your liver .


  • It is important to know which foods to avoid ;  So that we can secure long-term liver health , which leads to a longer , healthier and richer life .


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