concept of technology , its advantages and disadvantages


concept of technology

Technology is important because it is used in all areas of working life. When you reflect on your daily routine and count all the technical tools , that you consume in just one day.


youwill realize how important technology is when you use the phone, watch TV, drive a car, use a computer or any electrical machine.


 In fact, day after day, our dependence on technology increases , whether during communication, transportation, searching for any information, or even entertainment.


  •  concept of technology is a concept derived from the Greek term (Tekhnologia), which is a term for two parts, the first part “techno”, which means art. and industry, and the second “loggia”, which means science.
  •  Technology , is a comprehensive process that systematically classifies science and knowledge. in several fields to achieve purposes of practical value to society.
  • Technology: is defined as the best use of scientific knowledge , its applications , and its adaptation to the service and well-being of mankind.
  •  It also means the profession that is interested in studying something. and technology is also known as , the set of practical and scientific methods.
  • that help to develop something, depending on the available means for that, such as tools, equipment, and skills. and it is also known as , the human capacity acquired from science. 
  • And that contribute to the innovation and invention of new things that were not previously known. or help in reaching positive results, beneficial to people.
  • Technology is an independent science. that has its origins, goals, and theories. It is an applied science that seeks to achieve knowledge.

development of technology

  • concept of technology has existed since time immemorial.  For example, the technology of the Stone Age was their development of simple machines made of stone or wood to facilitate their lives.
  • or the use of wood and stone oud technology to light a fire and light the place. and so each era used its techniques that fit the available capabilities at that time and which developed over time.
  • Thus, technology continued to evolve to suit the needs and capabilities of each era. and perhaps the most prominent thing in our minds when it was mentioned is the Internet. which made everything new in the field of information within reach within minutes.
  • concept of technology for some has become limited to a computer. knowing that the computer is one of the results of technology.
  • technology in general is the use of technologies to solve large problems and individual innovation in order to reach a result. and it is a way to discover innovations and help a person to satisfy his need and increase his capabilities.
  • Likewise, the use of thought in the use of information and skills to reach the desired result and obtain it. and in short, it means: the use of scientific knowledge in the best way, its production and application for the service of man and his well-being.
  •  Humanity has used technology to make life better in some way. every discovery is a form of technology, at some point, the ability to create fire was the most advanced technology.
  • we have come a long way in a relatively short time thanks to the innovative methods of technology. which we have used for generations.


Technology characteristics

  •  Technology is a science separate from other types of science. with its own origins, goals and theories related to it.Technology contributes to the application of knowledge in all aspects of life.
  •  Technology touches people’s lives.
  •  Technology includes several processes, namely input, processing and output.
  • Technology includes special processes related to design, development, and management.
  •  The technology is dynamic due to its flexibility and the possibility of permanent active interaction with its components.
  •  Technology is concerned with its own systems.  It is considered an effective and targeted way to find solutions to problems.

Technology Advantages and Disadvantages


concept of technology

Sure, technology makes life better. but it can also be a hindrance to our daily routines, and modern technology can be addictive.

First, the advantages of technology 

Talking about the advantages of technology in detail requires writing an entire book. What technology has produced is not a single thing.
Rather, it is hundreds if not thousands of things. that all people may not see or experience directly, and the following points summarize the most prominent advantages of technology:
  •  1- Facilitate obtaining the required information.
  • 2- The opportunity to communicate with others.
  •  3- Helping to save time and effort.
  •  4- Contribute to speeding up the global trade movement.
  •  5- Exchanging opinions and ideas with others.
  •  6- Distance learning.
  • 7- Contribute to raising the standard of living significantly.


  •  8- Assist in the speed of completion.
  •  9- facilitate the exchange of experiences between individuals.
  • 10- Use of technology in the media.


technology disadvantages 

The uses of technology have a number of negatives and risks. some of which affect human lives directly;
  •  1- Technology addiction. Technology and its invasion of everyday life cause individuals to become addicted to it.  –
  •  2- Isolation: where a person becomes an introvert and tends to be isolated.
  •  3- Paper publications threatened with extinction.
  •  4- Access to contents contrary to customs and traditions.
  • 5- Acquiring some violent habits from electronic games.
  •  6- Health damages as a result of technology addiction.