california motorcycle accident attorney

California motorcycle accident

We will talk about what to do if you are involved in california motorcycle accident. Nothing is more exciting than feeling free, while riding a bike on the open road.


But the fact of the matter is that the California highways are actually very dangerous. And just riding motorcycles in general can be dangerous, when there are a lot of drivers on the road who may be, or may not even pay attention to your riding there.


Where a motorcycle accident can change a person’s life. In addition to lost wages and severe physical and mental pain, serious accidents can cost motorcyclists thousands of dollars in vehicle maintenance, and medical expenses.


Causes of motorcycle accidents in California

  • (1) – According to a 1980 study, drivers’ failure to see motorcycles is the number one cause of motorcycle accidents. It was found that half of all accidents resulted from a motorist, motorcyclist violating the right of way.


Vehicle accident drivers often turn left in front of an oncoming motorcycle by the riders, and were responsible for two-thirds of motorcycle accidents.


The most common mistake of a driver who does not see the motorcyclist is that he does not properly check the rearview mirror, or the side view mirror correctly. So it is not safe to change lanes with a truck, it may cause a motorcycle crash.


  • (2) – There are a lot of motorcyclists in California, which unfortunately means a lot of accidents. We think there are more motorcyclists in California than motorcyclists in any other state. Unfortunately that also means a lot of collisions, and a lot of injuries.


Deaths from motorcycle crashes are about four times higher than motor vehicle accidents. Where people in cars tend not to get hurt because they have the chassis of their car, and they have all this steel to protect it.


People on motorbikes tend to have more serious injuries, and more often than not deaths, you really need to protect yourself.


There are some laws that are strictly related to motorcycles, the most famous of which is the law on lane splitting, “a long lane splitting in California”.

california motorcycle accident attorney

So let’s just talk about two stages you should keep in mind:

  • (1) – If you are involved in a motorcycle accident:

So immediately after the accident, the first thing to get is medical help first, because the safety of the person’s health will be the first priority. This is no different from any car accident. Are you injured, so assess yourself? Are there any injured passengers? .

  • (2) – You may have had another rider with you that you may have been riding alongside, so other cyclists in your group and any other vehicles or passengers may have been involved in the accident. So you’ll want to get medical help if needed in either case.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries Injuries in motorcycle accidents are usually serious. Without the protection of motorcyclists, collisions with roads and/or other vehicles may cause various injuries.


According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in an accident than motorists.


Studies also show that motorcycle accidents are far more likely to result in serious injuries, deaths, and significant medical costs than motor vehicle accidents.


  • Such as brain and spinal cord injuries
  • Lower extremity injuries and lacerations
  • broken bone
  • skull fractures
  • internal injuries

In serious motorcycle accidents, catastrophic and permanent injuries are common. Collision survivors usually bear lifelong consequences for their accident. Common long-term injuries include brain damage, paralysis, and body scarring.


At the same time, the cost of treating motorcycle accident injuries is almost twice that of car accidents during the first two years after the accident.


Steps to be taken in the event of a motorcycle accident in California

  • (1) – Law enforcement should be contacted, so 911 will be called.
  • (2)- And when your responders are on their way to you, during this time, you will surely gather your intelligence to assess the situation, check for medical emergencies or anyone who needs medical help.
  • (3) – Ensure that you arrive at a safe place not out of harm’s way from oncoming traffic, or any other potential hazards present on the highway.

Move your car if your vehicle is on the road, so you must move your car from the road, because other traffic may encounter difficulties. And turn on your danger light.


  • (4) – the scene must be documented and the scene captured in full; Try as much as possible to write down any information, if you have access to something you can use to record your information whether it is a pen and paper, or just a phone.


Using his recording device on the phone or even the video on the smartphone. Just be sure to remember as much information as possible, to get as much information as possible, because obviously a lot is going to happen, and it will be easy to forget important details that are going to go into it.


  • (5) – The next point is to search for a witness where the accident occurred, it must be any person. The person who sees the whole scene is fine, because this person can very well save you later.
  • (6) – The next and final point is to contact your insurance company.


Now you have official documents from the medical providers or medical treatment you received. And the official documentation provided by the law enforcers “emergency service”, with your official statement, and you made sure that it was accurately recorded. and photos and videos you may have taken with your phone or camera. Keep it all organized in a safe place because you’ll need it later.


California motorcycle accident attorney

As you deal with the after-accident steps, your next step is to contact a motorcycle accident attorney and tell them.


Motorcyclists may be emotionally and psychologically affected by crash trauma. Cooperating with a California motorcycle accident attorney can help you obtain the maximum compensation for motorcycle injuries, including tangible and intangible losses.


In motorcycle accidents, a lawyer who is skilled and experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents must be chosen. They must ensure that they have a history of proven success, and they must properly provide you with a free assessment of the situation.


Because at this point no legal advice will be given at this point, here your case is heard, your story should not be charged for it.


Reasons for hiring a motorcycle accident attorney

  • (1) – They understand California Accident Injury Law, which will be one of the most important things that will help you navigate this legal process.
  • (2) – Has insight into working with insurance companies, to ensure that your policy adheres to policy restrictions.
  • (3) – Makes sure you get the compensation you deserve, which includes potential medical expenses, car expenses, and then any kind of physical, emotional suffering you might go through.

You want to make sure you get the full compensation you deserve, so you will need to collect your accident and insurance documents. After leaving the scene of the accident, be sure to keep them in a safe and easily accessible place for the coming days.


  • (4) – Then of course make sure you get experienced legal advice, which will be most important in the post-incident phase because he will look after you and help you again navigate the legal system.

It basically takes care of all the steps and guides you step by step through the remaining process, to help relieve any kind of undue stress that you would normally encounter by doing it at your expense.


Don’t let your insurance company convince you to accept a low settlement offer after a serious motorcycle accident. Insurance companies often shirk liability and pressure customers to accept less than the value of their cases.


Here you can contact a Los Angeles auto accident attorney, who has experience in motorcycle accidents, to review your case to properly assess its value.


Determining the general cause of a motorcycle accident is the first step in obtaining financial compensation, in California.


California is a faulty auto insurance state, which means that the faulty party is the party that must legally pay for your losses.


The party who caused the accident may need to pay your medical expenses, and repair or replace the motorcycle. Income loss, non-economic loss, etc. Your injury may involve one or more parties.


Most motorcycle accidents are damage claims. Compensation claims are designed to hold the party responsible for negligence or misconduct (infringement); Liability for damage caused to the victim.


Motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles need to prove that you, as the injured person, caused the accident to be compensated under the tort law.


Remember, wearing a helmet can greatly reduce the risk of serious head injury, or brain injury in a motorcycle accident.


California has a universal helmet law, according to the regulations, every motorcyclist and motorcyclist must wear a helmet while driving.


The helmet must have safety approval from the federal government, and fit snugly over the wearer’s head. If you do not wear a motorcycle helmet in California, you may receive traffic alerts and fines.


Failure to wear a helmet can also be used as evidence against you, by the defendant in the collision case. Since it is illegal not to wear a helmet in California, the defendant can be held liable for injury to your motorcycle on this basis.


As an injured motorcyclist, if you were not wearing a helmet when the motorbike accident occurred in Los Angeles, please do not assume that you have no reason to compensate.


California uses the Comparative Negligence Act, which does not prevent a plaintiff from automatically obtaining compensation for partial negligence.


The court will reduce your sentence based on the amount of damage you have caused. For example, if wearing a helmet will not hold you responsible for 20% of TBI, then 20% less of your sentence