Boost the immune system to fight diseases

 The immune system consists of a complex network of cells, tissues , and organs in the human body . 


immune system definition

It is the organ responsible for protecting the body ; from infection and substances that may harm the body .  By recognizing and responding to foreign bodies that are attacking the body .


They are substances found on the surface of harmful bodies that enter the body .  Where the immune system works to eliminate , or try to eliminate these substances .


immune system function

  • The function of the immune system is to protect the body from bacteria, viruses, and parasites ; Which may affect it at any time .


  • the immune system consists of many different parts that spread in the body , such as the lymph nodes . 


  • The tools used by the immune system to defend the body differ . This is due to the different parasites , or bacteria and viruses that can attack the body .  


  • These tools include killer T and B cells , and a large number of cells that are different in their function of defense of the body . 


  • Therefore, it is our duty to maintain the health of the immune system , to protect us from many diseases and epidemics .


 ways to boost the immune system

  • The chance of contracting viral infection and influenza can be reduced .  Especially in light of the Corona pandemic , by preserving the health and safety of the body’s immune system. 


  • What are the ways by which, we enhance the ability of the immune system? . We present to you some steps through which we can build , a strong immune system ; if we follow them .


  • The daily lifestyle and diet are two of the main factors, which help in strengthening and boost the immune system . 


  • In addition, a strong immune system contributes to reducing the duration and severity of infectious diseases .


  • It is also responsible for controlling diseases , resulting from infection with microorganisms , such as bacteria, viruses and fungi .


  • To ensure the maintenance of a strong immune system , it helps prevent many common diseases , such as colds , flu , nasal congestion , and others .


  • You should follow these simple tips that help strengthen your immune system naturally.


  1. 1) – Eat healthy food 
  2. 2) – Eat more fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C 
  3. 3) – Get enough sleep at night 
  4. 4) – Exposure to sunlight 
  5. 5) – Exercise regularly 
  6. 6) – Eat dairy products 
  7. 7) – Staying away from stress and psychological pressure 
  8. 8) – Maintaining a healthy weight

immune system booster

  • 1) – Eat healthy food :

 Eating healthy , balanced food is rich in antioxidants . It is essential for maintaining the functions of the immune system in the body.


These foods may help build white blood cells , which fight infection .   repair of damaged cells , and get everything the body needs , to protect itself against diseases and infection .


  • 2) – Eat more fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamin C :

Vtamin C is a natural immune booster .  Among the natural foods rich in this vitamin are guava , lemon , kiwi , oranges , broccoli , hot peppers , other fruits and vegetables .


  •  3) – Get enough sleep at night :

Where the night sleep period is the ideal period , to restore the activity of various body organs , and to ensure good health .


Which reflects strongly on the immune system of the body .  During sleep , the immune system , releases antibodies to fight the infection .


immune system vitamins

  •  4) – Exposure to sunlight :

Sunlight contains vitamin D ,  Which helps strengthen the immune system . 


It also helps to increase the production of white blood cells and strengthen the bones .


Since the main role of the vitamin , is to help regulate levels of both calcium and phosphorous in the blood , and to a lesser extent magnesium .  


Vitamin D comes from two sources :

an internal source, which is produced in the skin upon exposure to sunlight , and an external source, through what is consumed in foods and nutritional supplements. 


It is recommended to be exposed to the sun for twenty minutes a day , either in the early morning .


  •  5) – Exercise regularly :

 Exercise , such as running , cycling , swimming , yoga , and others .  For thirty minutes several times during the week , it helps to boost immunity .


  •  6) – Eat dairy products :

Eat dairy products , that contain proteins and amino acids .  It helps to enhance the functions of the immune system , as it helps improve digestive functions.


 Dairy products include yogurt , curd , cheese , and milk .


  • 7) – Staying away from stress and psychological pressure :

 Keeping away from tension and psychological pressure is one of the steps that a person must avoid as much as possible , To maintain a healthy immune system .


As stress helps in the secretion of the hormone cortisol , which promotes inflammation in the body . It is the natural compound , for a number of diseases that afflict the body .


  • 8) – Maintaining a healthy weight:

 Maintaining weight , by following a healthy diet , quitting smoking , and drinking alcohol .


 foods that boost up your immune system

 Following a healthy diet is one of the most important means of strengthening the body’s immunity , and some of these foods are included :

  1. 1)- eggs 
  2. 2) – Kiwi 
  3. 3) – Red pepper 
  4. 4) – Broccoli 
  5. 5) – Garlic 
  6. 6) – Almond 
  7. 7) – Ginger 
  8. 8) – Yogurt  
  •  1)- eggs :

Nutritionists explained that eggs contain more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals . 


It also contains selenium , which is a powerful antioxidant , which plays a major role in strengthening the immune system .


  • 2) – Kiwi :

It was found that eating kiwi fruit reduces the incidence of colds by 50% .


Because it is a fruit rich in elements ; that have proven effective in strengthening the body’s immunity , Such as ” vitamin C , potassium , and antioxidants .


  • 3) – Red pepper :

Red pepper is among the foods that strengthen the immune system . By raising the efficiency and strength of the immune system, and reducing the possibility of disease . 


Due to the presence of vitamin C and vitamin A alongside vitamin E , it is important for the manufacture of antibodies in ideal quantities for a person.


  • 4) – Broccoli :

Eating broccoli daily supports the efficiency and strength of the immune system. 


Because it contains iron and vitamin A, which are essential for healthy mucous membranes .  Inside the body, healthy skin , and its resistance to harmful ultraviolet rays .


  •  5) – Garlic :

It is one of the foods that give a distinctive flavor when cooking food . 


It is considered one of the barriers that stand in the way of many diseases .  Because it contains a compound called allinan  which boosts the body’s immune system function .


  • 6) – Almond :

 Almonds are a delicious nut that gives food a distinct flavor.  As well as its benefits in strengthening the body’s immunity. 


Because it contains vitamin E and antioxidants, which work to enhance the function of the immune system to fight against diseases.


  • 7) – Ginger :

Ginger is one of the herbs that have several benefits for human health . 


It is difficult to eat it , in its solid form , but when it is added to foods and drinks , even in a simple way , this reflects on the immune system of the body , positively .


  •  8) – Yogurt :

Yogurt is one of the most important sources , that contains a very powerful variety, to support the strength of the human immune system.


Yogurt contains beneficial probiotic bacteria , which strengthen the intestine, increase its immunity , and improve digestion and the health of the digestive system .


Within yogurt , proteins, zinc and vitamin A play strong auxiliary roles in the process of improving the strength of the antibodies , that the body naturally produces .


This was a short summary , about boosting the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

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