Beauty of nature

Beauty of nature

The beauty of nature , is one of the best gifts , that God Almighty has prepared for man. and made it at his disposal, for the beautiful nature delights the soul, relaxes the mind and explains the heart.


as it is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for people. and nature is one of the most powerful and great indications of the Creator’s destiny.


With its picturesque scenery, forests full of species of birds and pets, predators from them, seas, oceans and rivers of different sizes and areas. and with all the creatures.


they contain, the vast plains with all their flowering trees, and the colorful roses that color and perfume the world , and that cover the ground in the spring. which is the hallmark of the year, are  The spirit of nature and the pulse of life.



The beauty of nature around us , is one of the greatest blessings of God Almighty on us. this beauty allows us to choose many places and destinations in order to get rest, relax, and spend the most enjoyable times.


the beauty of nature has always been the first inspiration for artists and creatives around the world.


the evidence for that huge amount , One of the works of art, poetry, and music that has delighted people around the world. and which centered on the beauty and magic of nature.


Nature, Beauty of nature
When a person needs to be alone and away from the noise of everyday life. he will not find a refuge and a place better than nature.
with its picturesque appearances to steal his mind, and all his thinking, and forget all his problems. for example sitting in front of the beach or on the mountain at sunset.


 The sun and see , the wonderful colors of the red twilight and the blue of the sky ready to disappear.


the beginning of the night, and the wonderful breeze of air have the greatest impact on the happiness of the person. and the comfort of his heart, keeping him away from exhaustion and pressure.


making him think about what is around him, which increases his belief in the great creative Creator.


Despite the fluctuations of nature in the four seasons, the secret of its beauty lies in this fluctuation.


Nature is very moody, sometimes it appears meek and sometimes angry and erupts. Earthquakes, volcanoes and hurricanes are only a simple glimpse of nature’s anger. 


God Almighty, who created the universe, made a divine secret in  Nature. and at the same time made it able to heal itself by itself.


trees broken by storms return to growth again. and seas that ripple and revolt return their waves to rest and regularity, so nature will always be fine unless man interferes in it, passively and pollutes its assets with dangerous pollutants. nature is a trust. 


In everyone’s necks, preserving it means preserving the future. ensuring the right of future generations to enjoy it and benefit from everything in it.


Nature, Beauty of natureThe environment, with all its terrain of mountains, plateaus, plains, valleys, and all the living things.
that live in it, require us to preserve it and take care of it to the fullest. through the work of natural reserves for plants , or animals that are vulnerable to extinction, maintaining the cleanliness and property of the places.
we go for a picnic, such as the beaches, Mountains, parks and forests.  Because this nature is a great blessing that we must preserve. 

Every day when the sun rises to us, it announces the beginning of a new day , and the beginning of a new life. radiating its yellow color, to come out to us the nature hidden in the blackness of the night.


to reveal the beauty and the beautiful appearances of nature. and to reveal the secret of the beauty with which everyone is mesmerized.


which opens the soul to life, on us in return for all that ,  To be properly looked after and looked after , so that you could see these scenes every day.