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who are we  “about us”.

This blog is a foreign blog and an independent electronic platform in the Internet world. presented to you by Dr.  Sarah is a pharmacist.

 we loved blogging and moved towards enriching global content with everything new and useful in the field of medical information , health and general information, everything new in the world of women and alternative medicine, and recipes from my kitchen.  


we worked on writing articles, checking them, correcting mistakes linguistically, and facilitating their presentation to allow the visitor easy access.


 we worked a lot to develop this site technically as a base and infrastructure to display useful and valuable content in the field of health , nutrition and general information in addition to our much passion for cooking.


As this structure provided fast uploading of topics and ease of navigation in addition to good appearance and good coordination.


 Our start was with the rain of mind blog , in which we worked on publishing many different and specialized topics in these areas.



    1- beauty mark



    2- Food and nutrition



    3- Food recipes



    4- cultural information



    5-  Pharmacy for life



    6- general medical information 



    7- traditional medicine herbs

 As we added a lot of science and knowledge and what could increase the general culture of the visitor and the acquaintance of this section.

 This blog arose in 2020 to start its advice in scientific publishing and medical documentation. in the field of food health , nutrition and  cultural information and what is related to alternative medicine , with the development of my kitchen recipes. 

on the wordpress platform for publishing articles and blogs, and archiving them on search engines after they are complete  The basic conditions for admission to the publishing. and archiving system adopted by many search engines.

We always hope to provide the best for you, as the rain of mind blog, confirms that it is copyrighted and used.

 In case of any inquiries you have, we hope to write to us on the website mail.
Wish you all the best.

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