8 Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Collagen Supplements

Does your diet plan include a collagen supplement, it is so versatile that it can be included in almost any diet plan.


It’s the most abundant protein in your body, you start losing collagen in your twenties, and there’s an accelerated loss in your mid-40s.


The world agrees on the benefits of collagen for the skin, there is more. In today’s article, let’s discuss the many benefits of collagen supplements, does it help in weight loss, what about the bones and what about its health benefits for the heart, we discuss all that and more.


Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

  1. 1)- A good source of protein
  2. 2)- It helps in losing weight
  3. 3)- Collagen helps build muscle mass
  4. 4)- Reflects heart disease
  5. 5)- Maintains joint health
  6. 6)- Promotes bone health in women
  7. 7)- For the health of your hair and nails
  8. 8)- Treating leaky gut

1)- A good source of protein

  • Easily digestible protein collagen supplements are available as tablets, liquid capsules, and powders. Studies have shown that you can eat 2.5 to 10 grams of collagen each day.


  • Does your dinner plate always contain beef, or some other non-vegetarian protein, as it can sometimes be difficult for meat lovers to steer clear of their favorite delicacy.


  • But what if you feel bloated or gassy, ​​have stomach ache or burp a lot after eating it, meat proteins from animal sources are probably the hardest to digest.


  • Giving up proteins completely can make your body go through many unwanted changes, and this is where collagen supplements come in, collagen supplements are very easy to digest and break down.


  • Its hydrolysis can easily relax your digestive system, you will not miss any proteins, and if you are deficient in Vitamin C, you can overcome it by eating foods rich in Vitamin C.


  • But you can get the full benefits of hydrolyzed collagen only through supplements. Collagen supplements are available in a tasteless and fragrance-free variety. It can be included in breakfast smoothies, a cup of coffee, or a bowl of soup or broth.


  • If you don’t mind the flavor, you can try berries, lemons, apples, peaches, and many other collagen powders.


  • tightly bound peptides supplements dissolve in water instantly, some people even add a scoop of a collagen supplement to plain water, just remember to warm the water a bit to facilitate dilution.


2)- It helps in losing weight

  • Collagen isn’t just for gym health enthusiasts, it’s for everyone, unless of course you’re taking medications for other conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes, and breastfeeding moms should talk to a doctor first in order to take collagen supplements.


  • A cup full of collagen protein will leave you less hungry, less tempted to turn to unhealthy snacks full of empty calories, and it’s been shown to reduce sugar cravings.


  • Losing those extra pounds on your stomach, sides and buttocks will boost your metabolism, make you feel relaxed and you will be in a better place mentally.


  • To be scientific, there are no direct studies confirming the benefits of collagen for weight loss. The best time to get your collagen protein is half an hour before you plan to eat this way, you won’t make any bad choices when you’re hungry.


Collagen benefits for muscles

3)- Collagen helps build muscle mass

  • You’ve probably seen a lot of weightlifters carry a shaker bottle, and sip from it occasionally, it sounds very fashionable.


  • Many gym trainers recommend protein shakes, when you’re on your fitness journey. And collagen is one of their best options, perhaps to be taken before a workout, or in between workouts.


  • Collagen is a structural protein that actually acts like a glue to bind your body together, you’ll find it in ligaments, tendons, and skin muscles all over the place though there are 28 different types of collagen, most notably type 1, 2, 3, and 4.


  • As your muscle mass decreases as you age, the ideal body composition is believed to have less fat and more muscle mass.


  • Collagen is an important compound found in skeletal muscles, as eating it as part of your diet helps build your skeleton.


  • One study found that people who took collagen regularly with a good amount of exercise 💪 gained significantly more muscle mass and strength; Compared to people who exercised regularly without taking any collagen supplement.


  • When exogenous collagen is ingested, it triggers the production of another protein called creatine which ultimately promotes muscle growth after daily moderate physical activity.


  • But if you dream of pumping muscle, you should supplement collagen with other sources of proteins like whey protein. Collagen supplements are not complete per se, and often require the help of additional protein sources when exercising.


  • You are making your body work more than normal people, which is why your requirements will be higher than theirs which is a balanced blend of collagen and whey protein.


4)- Reflects heart disease

  • A weak heart can’t always be explained by genetics, as combining what you eat with a lack of exercise and the wrong way you deal with stress can cause you to lose weight. To excess toxins in the body, which lead to heart disease.


  • if you already suffer from poor metabolism can cause you diabetes, enough blood pressure to cause a severe heart attack indirectly.


  • when bad cholesterol begins to build up on the inner walls of the arteries, the arteries lose their elasticity and ability to pump oxygenated blood to your heart, and this is called atherosclerosis.


  • With poor blood supply to the heart, poor functioning optimally, and more nefarious diseases such as coronary artery disease are caused.


  • A study found that people who added collagen twice daily to their diet saw a significant reduction in signs of atherosclerosis after six months of using it.


Collagen benefits for joints

5)- Maintains joint health

  • Imagine the knee pain and throbbing as soon as you wake up. You have a craving to exercise but the pain is pulling you back, this is the reality for many and they often don’t make the extra effort to get rid of the pain, which they think is age related this may be true to an extent.


  • But collagen is still the only way to reverse age-related joint problems, as a study found that athletes who took 5 grams, of collagen peptide for 12 weeks, showed less joint pain; Compared to a placebo.


  • There is no doubt that collagen can support repair of damaged cartilage, give you some amazing anti-inflammatory benefits, and although there are drugs available for osteoarthritis, you may want to supplement with collagen.


  • Another study found that knee osteoarthritis can usually be treated by adding type 2 collagen to regular medication.


8 Health Benefits of Collagen Supplements

Collagen supplement benefits for women

6)- Promotes bone health in women

  • A woman’s body is constantly changing throughout her life, and the rapid drop in estrogen levels after middle age can make your bones porous, as calcium and mineral levels begin to decline to stop quickly.


  • You will have to focus on eating clean, living healthy and exercising if you feel that you are not getting enough nutrition from your food, there are always collagen supplements.


  • There are some studies that have shown that taking collagen supplements regularly; stimulates bone formation and slows down its loss; Reducing the risk of osteoporosis and stopping the decline in your bone density

collagen benefits for hair

7)- For the health of your hair and nails

  • Collagen is naturally available in many animal foods, it is especially present in meat bone broths; Gelatin remains a good collagen-containing food.


  • You may have seen your grandmother apply gelatin paste to her hair and nails for healthy skin, and good nails that they may have been right.


  • But you don’t need to apply gelatin externally, we now have a highly advanced option to take it orally for even more benefits. Collagen helps your hair and nails grow longer, it also provides structural strength and much needed elasticity may be repaired.


8)- Treating leaky gut

  • Leaky gut may change your social life. With this condition, you may have an irresistible urge to empty your bowels after eating some foods rich in gluten. As it leads to low levels of collagen; So you need to take collagen supplements.


  • It may also have its roots in a disease called irritable bowel syndrome, and these people’s collagen levels are usually very low.


  • There is research indicating that the level of type 4 collagen in the blood is significantly lower in IBD patients.


  • If you were to examine your digestive system, you would see that the insides of the lining are made of collagen with less collagen, and your gut would be a less supportive environment to function normally.


  • in an effort to level up the imbalance by adding collagen supplements remains absolutely your best bet; Because the problem did not appear overnight. And treating this condition also takes time; It may take anywhere from four weeks to six months.


  • That is, in order to make everything work like a well-oiled machine, there has to be a healthy balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria.
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