6 ways omega-3 helps build strong muscle tissue

If you are trying to build muscle, inflammation can slow your efforts and make it more difficult for your muscles to grow.


Inflammation slows the time it takes your muscles to recover after a workout.  which can leave you feeling weak and sluggish.

In today’s article, we’ll discuss 6 ways omega-3s can help build stronger, healthier muscle tissue, and the best food sources for omega-3s.


  1. 1). Muscle growth
  2. 2). Muscle recovery
  3. 3). Heart support
  4. 4). Brain health
  5. 5). Burn fat
  6. 6). Reducing pain and arthritis


Omega-3 benefits for building muscle

  • 1). Muscle growth:

Eating healthy omega-3 fats helps increase protein synthesis faster , and muscle growth. 


The body breaks down the protein , we eat and turns it into fuel to make your muscles grow and stay strong.


  • 2). Muscle recovery:

Omega-3s have been shown to reduce muscle soreness and swelling after a workout. 


It has also been shown to increase the range of motion.  Including more of these omega-3s in a healthy diet , will reduce stiffness and speed up recovery time.


  •  3). Heart support:

Studies show that the omega-3s found in fish oils , improve heart muscle health.  It reduces the heart rate and the amount of oxygen. Which the body burns every minute.  


This can give you a competitive advantage during sports and competitions, because you need less energy.


  • 4). Brain health:

The human brain contains 60% fats, 15% of which is omega-3 DHA.  Getting enough omega-3 fatty acid in the diet , from fish oil can improve neuromotor function.


 This means that you will have better muscle coordination and control, especially during sports.


5). Burn fat:

Consuming the right balance of omega-3 and omega-6 helps, the body burn fat at a faster rate. 


It reduces insulin resistance, and helps you utilize body fats for energy during exercise, by increasing metabolism.


  • 6). Reducing pain and arthritis:

Arthritis is an inflammatory condition , that causes pain and swelling in the joints.  This causes weakness in the joints and can impair your ability to build muscle. 


Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation so that you can focus on building muscle without experiencing aches and pains.


As you can see, omega-3 fatty acids are a major nutrient when it comes to keeping inflammation in place. 


Left unchecked, inflammation will prevent your muscles from recovering properly, regardless of the proteins and amino acids you consume.


We highly recommend removing all seed oils , from the diet, such as vegetable oil, margarine,  soy oil, canola oil, etc.  Replace it with healthier alternatives like avocado oil, cod liver oil, and raw coconut oil.


Food sources of omega-3

To raise your omega-3 levels, the best food sources are cod liver oil, wild salmon, sardines, krill oil and anchovies.


  • Shellfish like crayfish and mussels are also excellent sources of DHA and EPA, which are two main omega-3s.


  • Whether you are a bodybuilder or exercise a regular routine, keeping your body healthy. is the best thing you can do for your body and build strong muscle mass. 


  • You must stick to, choosing a precise diet rich in omega-3s, if you want to achieve your goals.


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