18 bad habits that make you age faster

 18 bad habits that make you age faster, are you experiencing changes on your face that make you look older than your normal age. you can follow some harmful habits that, make you age faster than usual.


 It’s not always genes, but your daily actions influence the aging process, and now we’re going to share with you 20 bad habits that you should quit as soon as possible if you want to look young.


bad habits that make you age faster

  1. (1) – If you drink a lot of sugary soft drinks
  2. (2) Not drinking enough water daily
  3. (3) – Do not include any sports activity in your day
  4. (4) – Use of skin products that contain chemicals
  5. (5) If you are depressed
  6. (6) – If you eat a lot of meat
  7. (7) – If you neglect the health of your teeth
  8. (8) Not getting enough sleep
  9. (9) – Do not keep your skin moisturized before bed
  10. (10) – You do not keep your blood pressure regular
  11. (11) – You use plastic bottles to drink
  12. (12) – If you hold grudges towards someone inside you
  13. (13) If you consume a lot of dairy products
  14. (14) – When you drink a lot of coffee:
  15. (15) – Too much white in your diet
  16. (16) If you sit for longer than usual
  17. (17) – phone addiction
  18. (18) – The wrong sleeping position or the bed is uncomfortable


 (1) – If you drink a lot of sugary soft drinks:

  • Soft drinks are very harmful to the body, especially when it comes to aging, as they are the main reason behind causing obesity in women and men.


  • Continuous consumption of soda has a significant impact on the development of metabolic diseases.  Moreover, soda has a bad effect on your brain.


 Lack of drinking water

 (2) Not drinking enough water every day:

  • The second reason for bad habits that make you age faster is not drinking enough water.


  • Our body is made up of 60 water, so the need to stay hydrated is completely understandable, you may be ageing faster.


  • because you are not getting enough water that your body needs, to perform its daily functions.  Not getting the required daily amount of water has a clear effect on our skin.


Disadvantages of not exercising

 (3) – Not to include any sports activity in your day:

  • Exercise keeps the body healthy and increases longevity.  Even if you can’t go to the gym every day, it’s okay to include walking in your daily regimen.


  • According to fitness experts, a moderate walk of 30 minutes every day is good enough to improve bad cholesterol levels, and maintain good health.  It also helps in improving insulin sensitivity, and strengthening bones.


  •  Aside from exercise, be sure to take in vitamin D and calcium.  As we age our bones become weak, and we can suffer from calcium deficiency and D3 deficiency.


 Chemicals in cosmetics

 (4) – Use of skin products that contain chemicals:

  • Many skin care products are manufactured, which contain chemicals because there is no other way to do so.


  • But among those chemicals used in skin care products, some have serious threats to our bodies.  Many chemicals affect hormones such as pesticides, plastics, phthalates and parabens.


  • So the worst part about these chemicals is that they are able to mimic and destroy hormones.  They also cause internal problems that lead to premature cell death, and make us age prematurely.


 (5) If you are depressed:

  •  Depression is another cause of aging. Depression can negatively affect your life, both physically and mentally.


  • Seek help from professionals, whenever you feel frustrated or depressed, you can also go for different behavioral therapies including cognitive behavioral therapy.


 (6) – If you eat a lot of meat:

  • Multiple studies have shown that high meat consumption is associated with early death, which was shown by a recent analysis.


  • showed that people who consumed more vegetables had a lower risk of death, than who ate meat.  You should reduce meat, from your diet and eat more vegetables.

bad habits that make you age faster


Teeth health

 (7) – If you neglect your dental health:

  • Dental health plays a very vital role in our overall health, and dental well-being.  Signs of wear, tear, and yellowing appear first before any other part of the body.


  •  Brushing your teeth twice a day and not forgetting to floss will have a good effect on your health and skin.


  • Recent studies have indicated that not using floss regularly can increase the incidence of heart disease, and cognitive problems such as Alzheimer’s disease.


 (8) Not getting enough sleep:

  •  Sleep is as vital as anything. It is a major factor in slowing down the aging process. A restful, regular night’s sleep can make you look 10 years younger than your age.


  •  doesn’t good sleep play a vital role in hormone regulation, memory development and muscle recovery.


  •  And getting less sleep can also lead to weight gain, insulin resistance and depression.  These issues can also lead to type 2 diabetes, heart problems and high blood pressure.


 Natural moisturizer for the skin before bed

 (9) – Do not keep your skin moisturized before bed:

  • The importance of moisturizing your skin before bed is very important, it keeps our skin from wrinkling, and makes it free of impurities.


  • A 2019 study showed that taking proper care of your skin can reduce inflammation, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, on top of that.


  • As skin aging releases cytokines into the circulatory system, which causes inflammation.  So keep your skin young, and eventually your body will become very young.


 (10) – You do not keep your blood pressure regular:

  • High blood pressure is linked to heart failure, decreased metabolic rate, and can also become a cause of Alzheimer’s disease.


  • According to researchers, patients with high blood pressure, experience a deterioration in white matter fibers that connect brain regions associated with emotional memory, and attention.


 (11) – You use plastic drinking bottles:

  • Did you know that drinking from plastic bottles can cause wrinkles?  Yes, you read that correctly, there is no doubt that water moisturizes our skin, and makes it free of wrinkles.


  • But the repeated pressure on our lips causes the lips to wrinkle even more by squeezing the wide-mouthed bottles.


 Inability to forgive

 (12) – If you hold grudges towards someone inside you:

  • Grudges and hate is not as easy as it sounds, and they have a huge impact on your mental and physical health, especially when it comes to aging.


  • Grudges and hate carry the stressful body, with taut brows and clenched jawline, and make skin look great, you have to forgive and forget to be forever young.


 (13) If you consume a lot of dairy products:

  • Dairy products are a good source of calcium and other important nutrients. 


  • Calcium plays a vital role in building strong bones, but drinking it daily can cause serious problems like inflammatory bowel disease.


  •  Inflammation of the intestines can lead to the accumulation of toxins in the skin and thus can cause aging.


 Disadvantages of drinking a lot of coffee

 (14) – When you drink a lot of coffee:

  • Coffee is characterized by its wonderful advantages for the health of the body, and the skin. It is a superhero, making you look younger than your age, if you consume it in small quantities. 


  • But remember the saying: “If something exceeds its limit, it will turn against it.”


  • Coffee is characterized by its caffeine content, and caffeine makes you excrete fluids from your body, and increases urine output. 


  • This stimulates the withdrawal of moisture from your body, making it drier, and remember that a dehydrated body ages faster than a wet body.


 (15) – Too much white in your diet:

  • If you are fond of white grain pasta and sugar, and white flour this is definitely suitable for making your skin look older than your actual age.


  • All that white in your diet, results in bad gut bacteria killing off the good gut bacteria, and eventually reducing anti-inflammatory compounds. which protect your skin from wrinkles and freckles, because these two factors make you look older than your actual age.


 (16) – If you sit for longer than usual:

  • Not only does a sedentary lifestyle cause you to gain weight, it affects the aging process more than you think.


  • It reduces oxygen consumption, and the lack of oxygen in the calf aids in weight gain, and also suppresses the production of dopamine, the “happiness hormone.”


 phone addiction

 (17) – addiction to the use of the phone:

  • Phone addiction, is very common in our generation due to technological advancement, and its rapid use in almost every sector of life.


  • But remember the position of looking down at the phone, it causes stress to the neck, and spine which leads to premature aging in our body.  To reduce neck and spine pain, use the phone in a position parallel to the level of your eyes.


  • Also, using your mobile phone before bedtime can have negative effects, due to exposure to blue light that disrupts the sleep cycle.


 (18) – Wrong sleeping position or uncomfortable bed:

  • We often sleep on our faces and cheeks, which creates wrinkles, and these wrinkles lead to permanent sleep wrinkles.  You have to change the sleeping position on your stomach, and change the pillow cover to silk.


  • Aging is a process that cannot be stopped but can be slowed down, by following a healthy lifestyle. 


  • Our daily habits can have a great impact on our health, and our age in particular. You should avoid the habits mentioned above, so as not to expose you to aging before time.