10 ways to stimulate the scalp for healthy hair

The Scalp revitalization for healthy hair

Have you tried every hair conditioner, shampoos or hair masks and still not finding any difference in your hair loss, it could be due to poor blood circulation in the scalp. You can only have great hair; When the basis is really healthy.


in today’s article we are going to tell you the things that you can do at home to get amazing hair; How about taking a cold shower, how about applying raw onion juice, should i use essential oils, we discuss all that and more.

10 ways to stimulate the scalp for healthy hair

Ways to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp for healthy hair

  1. 1). scalp massage
  2. 2). Use essential oils
  3. 3). Take a shower with cold water
  4. 4). Look for comfortable loose hairstyles
  5. 5. Use wooden combs to comb your hair
  6. 6). Use raw onion juice
  7. 7). Make specific neck movements
  8. 8). good nutrition
  9. 9). Follow an active lifestyle
  10. 10). Drink eight glasses of water


1). scalp massage

One of the most underrated solutions for promoting hair growth is scalp massage, it stimulates blood circulation in hair follicles, and enhances the oxygen-carrying capacity of blood vessels.


Once the hair follicles get more nutrients and oxygen, the metabolism is boosted by massaging.


  • a)- To do the scalp massage, make a circular motion with your fingertips towards the center of your scalp for two to three minutes; For deep tissue massage.


  • b)- You can even use electric massagers, as many electric scalp massagers are available; If you feel too tired to do it yourself.


  • c)- End the massage by pulling the ends away from the scalp for 60 seconds. A scalp massage can have a very relaxing effect, improving your mood and increasing your focus.


  • e)- in Ayurvedic or ancient oriental medicine it is also believed that massage promotes hair growth; Which makes it thick and strong. It can also help drain toxins that have accumulated in the head and neck area.


2). Use essential oils

the use of essential oils to capture the flavor of the natural aroma, the essence of the plants that compose it; It is extracted from the leaves of the seeds of the bark of the fruit and flowers to prepare it.


Examples of such essential oils are; Tea tree oil, lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, and orange oil are commonly available over the counter.


The oxygen acts as a hair-building nutrient, and is supplied to your scalp by massaging with essential oils. Studies have shown that using essential oils on your scalp can greatly help reduce hair loss on your scalp.


We apply crude oil to the scalp with a massage; To stimulate blood circulation in the head, do not forget to use it just before washing your hair.


For best results, dilute the oil with water; You can even leave the oil on overnight. And if you are prone to acne and irritation, avoid applying the oil for long periods.


  • 3). Take a shower with cold water

Run cold water on your scalp, seeing clumps of hair, clogging the bathroom drain, or a lot of hair strands on your pillow, or your comb, it’s very clear that you have severe hair falling out.


Dry, brittle hair also reduces hair density, so if you want your hair with all its natural glow, a simple solution that is powerful is a cold shower for 1-2 minutes.


It has been used to promote good circulation, for centuries, a cold shower will not only give you a refreshing feeling in the morning, but will also strengthen your tresses.


Hydrotherapy has been studied to provide relief from hair loss, you can do this two to three times a week depending on how greasy your hair is.


We all know we can’t take cold showers sometimes, especially during winter but fear not, you can switch between 10 seconds of warm and cold water.


Turn on the hot water when you start to wash your body, the cold water stored in the shower and descending on the scalp will increase the size of the small blood vessels on the scalp; Thus stimulating blood circulation.


Now that a stream of warm water falls on you slowly builds up your tolerance to the cold water, when you feel ready, you can take a cold stream of water to your scalp even if you have shampooed with lukewarm water.


If you are not used to taking a cold shower, do not exceed two minutes.


Hairstyles that help hair grow

  • 4). Look for comfortable loose hairstyles

Is your hair always in a tight bun, or a high ponytail If yes, your hair is constantly under tension, which causes your hair to be pulled for a long time, weakens the roots and can eventually cause it to break.


Go for a relaxed and loose hairstyle during the day, it will definitely be a break. But maybe keeping your hair hanging down while you sleep can get you tangled up more, if you can tie it into a loose braid, and if you have long hair too try trying satin or silk night caps.


  • 5. Use wooden combs to comb your hair

Combing your hair plays an important role in giving you a natural shine, and using plastic combs can lead to more hair breakage.


conversely, using a wooden comb or brush with coarse bristles with small spherical ends; It acts as a gentle massager to detangle your hair from the ends, working your way towards the scalp.


Light pressure slowly stimulates hair follicles, ensuring more blood supply and hair growth, choose your brush accordingly.


After washing your hair, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb, remembering that you don’t need to over-brush; although you may have heard that a hundred strokes a day can give you healthy hair, it only damages the cuticle of your hair.


It is enough to comb your hair two to three times a day; Because it will help spread the scalp’s natural oils throughout the entire length of the hair strand and keep it soft and shiny.


Don’t forget to keep the brush clean, pull out the excess strands of hair or use the brush cleaner to get the stubborn bits of dirt on the bottom.


You can also pass it in soapy water so the bacteria, the gunk doesn’t transfer to the scalp, and clog the hair follicles so if you’re trying to be more careful about your hair, why neglect the skin.

stimulate the scalp for healthy hair


Onion to thicken hair

  • 6). Use raw onion juice

Although onion juice has an unpleasant odor, applying raw onion juice to your scalp is an age-old way to restore lost hair.


Onions are a great source of antioxidants that help fight free radicals, and this ultimately reduces oxidative stress and improves blood circulation.


  • take a large red onion; Cut them into medium-sized pieces and mix well in a bowl 🥣; Until you get a thick paste. Red onions enable you to get more antioxidants, and they can give you more benefits than white onions.


  • Then filter it with a cheesecloth or sieve, making sure to make a new batch each time you want to apply this juice.


  • Remember, if you are lucky you might find onion juice at your local grocery store, they may also have a pre-squeezed bottle of onion juice which can save you all the hassle, start applying the juice directly to the roots.


  • Studies have shown that onion juice grows your hair by improving blood circulation but if you try to apply it on the ends and the middle part it will be completely ineffective plus you will have more stinging.


  • Smell due to sulfur compounds, sulfur compounds are actually the same chemicals that can give you thicker hair, and they also aid in the production of collagen for healthy skin and hair cells.


  • Apply the juice to your scalp for 30 minutes, massaging the scalp occasionally in a circular motion, then rinse with cool water only if you plan to stay at home in other cases, wash with a scented shampoo.


Studies have shown that regular use of onion juice twice daily for two months can actually show positive results on hair growth.


Exercises to stimulate hair blood circulation

7). Make specific neck movements

Some exercises for the neck and head can increase the blood supply. Bend your head side to side, and try to touch your shoulders with your ears.


You can also try to make the head circles clockwise; And counterclockwise you go into a range of motion until your chin touches your chest when your neck is very far behind you, and your head is tilted toward the sky.


Also try some yoga poses like the descending cobra dog that targets your neck and back, and sun salutations are standard exercises to increase blood circulation throughout the body.


What you need to do In order to grow hair super fast With the inversion technique, you can reset the blood flow to the scalp, you can flip your hair and hang it upside down while your head is below the level of the heart.


Hold this position for a few minutes and gently massage the scalp with your fingertips for optimum stimulation, set a timer so it doesn’t last for too long, lift your head and sit straight.


If you get dizzy then don’t try it, as proponents of the inversion method claim there is 1-2 inches of hair growth per month due to rapid circulation, you can use the end of your bed or an inverted table if you are new to it.


If you are an athlete who can try standing on your head, or even standing on your hands, try to make sure that you follow all safety measures correctly.


Although we need more studies to actually prove the benefit of this method, it should not be done for too long or else your scalp may fail to respond to stimulation.


This remedy is definitely not recommended if you have health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, ear infection, back pain, or if you are pregnant, always talk to your doctor.


Scalp nutrition for hair growth

  • 8). good nutrition

Nutritional deficiencies in the diet are always reflected in hair loss. When you do not get enough protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats along with all the other micronutrients, your hair will fall out quickly.


So to have beautiful looking hair, you need to eat lean meat, fatty fish, green whole grains, leafy vegetables, eggs, fruits and nuts, milk, and many other natural foods that can prevent blood clots, interrupting blood flow.


Review your food choices every time you get ready to eat fast food chips, sugary snacks that contain empty calories, and have little nutritional value. Replace your appetite with a piece of fruit and your snacks with nut seeds and mix nuts.


If you are unsure of your nutritional intake, consult a physician who may be able to help choose a healthy multivitamin food that he or she can achieve with some form of exercise.


follow a healthy lifestyle 

9). Follow an active lifestyle

Do you have an active lifestyle, what is your favorite form of exercise do you manage? Have you been working out since when did you not use your gym membership?.


It’s time to get off the couch and get moving, there are plenty of exercises you might enjoy while swimming, cycling, jumping rope, yoga, weightlifting, Pilates, and Zumba. The list is long and endless, choose any activity, and try to do it for at least 30 minutes, 5 days a week.


If you don’t like any of these exercises, just start doing gentle stretching exercises at home, this will promote slow blood circulation and increase metabolism, and eventually hair growth rate.


10). Drink eight glasses of water

A well-hydrated body is a powerhouse of nutrients and minerals, more water can increase blood volume. A dehydrated body will have less blood reaching all tissues and cells.


So remember to have at least eight cups of up to 250 milliliters of water a day, which you can soak with lemon, mint, or cut cucumbers to get the most out of it and make it more flavorful.


if you are someone who always forgets to drink water, you can download mobile apps to remind you to drink water. Drinking water regularly limits the intake of sugary drinks such as soda tea and coffee, as the caffeine content in them acts as a natural diuretic and will extract fluids from your system.

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