10 types of different healthy diet

 Many people are overweight and obese , which can cause them psychological discomfort. 


Weight gain is one of the most important causes of various health problems, so you find that a person who suffers from overweight is always looking for ways , and means to help him get rid of obesity . now our discussion about the types of differe healthy diet.


lose weight program

  •  As the human body gets used to burning fat in different ways , there is a way to use foods that increase the feeling of satiety .


  •  Another method is based on foods that reduce calories , and the ketogenic diet , which focuses on preventing carbohydrates while consuming fat .


  •  Based on that , is there a better diet? , The answer is that there is no perfect diet , because the appropriate diet for a person will vary according to genetics and the lifestyle , he  adopts .


  • And because an appropriate diet for a person may not be suitable for others , planning a suitable diet depends on a series of environmental , personal and surrounding factors . 


  • Including the family and surrounding communities , their nutritional awareness ” may depend on family income and available food in the home .”  These factors can influence a person’s plan of healthy eating .


  different healthy diet

  • The primary goal of following any diet , is to adjust the diet process according to a specific schedule or long-term plan .  To achieve the weight loss goals that all of us try to achieve .


  •  It is worth noting here that the types of dieting are different , there are several methods, and none of them is suitable for everyone, because what works for me may , not work for you , and vice versa . 


  • Correct diet , the important point is to choose the correct and appropriate diet .


  • You must be aware of some things to choose the right type of diet that suits you , for your health and safety , if it is appropriate in the long term.


  • And before starting any diet , the necessary physical examinations must be performed . 


  • here, we will provide you with the best diets , based on the most popular and most used methods .  Taking into account that the appropriate diet , varies from person to person .


  1. (1) –  Atkins diet 
  2. (2) – keto diet
  3. (3) – Intermittent fasting diet
  4. (4) – Nutritional balance diet
  5. (5) – Vegetarian diet 
  6. (6) – Mediterranean diet 
  7. (7) – Divide meals diet 
  8. (8) – Dates and Milk Diet 
  9. (9) – 1200 calorie diet 
  10. (10) – Fat mass diet 

10 types of different healthy diet

 types of different healthy diet

 (1) – Atkins diet :

  • Atkins diet is one of the most prevalent types of dieting in all regions of the world , and its origins go back to 1972 . When Atkins published a book entitled “ The Doctor’s Revolution, or “ The Doctor Atkins Diet Revolution . 


  • The idea of ​​his book is about how to get rid of excess weight , by controlling hormone  Insulin in the body . 


  • When you eat meals that contain carbohydrates in a large proportion , the percentage of insulin in the human body rises , and is stored in the form of fat and energy . 


  • when a person cannot consume all the stored energy , he becomes overweight . Therefore, this diet depends on eating  Protein is more instead of carbohydrates ;. 


  • “ it depends on increasing the daily portion of protein consumed in exchange for reducing the daily portion of carbohydrates consumed .”


  • The amount of carbohydrates allowed to be consumed is increased in stages , as the person approaches the desired weight .


keto diet meal plan

 (2) – keto diet

  • The ketogenic diet is a diet that focuses on increasing fat intake by eating moderate amounts of protein , while preventing carbohydrates , or they can be included in a very small percentage of almost 5% .


  • Therefore, the human body uses the fat stored in the body as energy , instead of relying on carbohydrates as a source of energy . That is , limiting the consumption of carbohydrates .


  • This system assumes that if carbohydrates are not available to be converted into ” blood sugar ” glucose , then the liver converts fats and proteins into fatty acids and ketones , replacing glucose as an energy source .  This is referred to as the ” ketosis ”  metabolic state .


  • This diet includes excluding foods high in carbohydrates , such as bread , pasta ,  cereals and sugars. 


  • As well as starchy fruits and vegetables , and increased consumption of healthy fats such as nuts and dairy products .


  • For the success of the keto diet , strict adherence to the keto diet is the most important factor in the success of this diet , as it takes 3 to 6 months to reach an ideal state .


 (3) – Intermittent fasting diet :

  • Intermittent fasting is about controlling eating time rather than limiting the amount of food to be eaten ;  ” It means abstaining from eating for 16 hours in any period within 24 hours .”


  • There are many ways to implement intermittent fasting , but the most popular method is the 16-hour fasting regime .  So if you cannot use the keto diet, you can follow the intermittent fasting diet .


  • Compared to a calorie restriction diet , which relies on restricting calories , intermittent fasting is very effective in reducing weight .


 (4) – Nutritional balance diet :

  • It is a balanced diet from a nutritional point of view , as the basis of this diet , is the division of food into three types , which are carbohydrates , protein and fats. 


  • While controlling the level of insulin ,  must consume healthy carbohydrates and fats , which are obtained from avocados , olive oil and other unsaturated fats .  So the nutritional effect appears quickly .


vegetarian diet for weight loss

 (5) – Vegetarian diet :

  • Vegetarian diet , the idea of ​​which is that vegetarian food is the basis of food , and to stay away from animal food , And also animal-derived products such as milk, gelatin, honey, whey, casein and albumin.


  • You can eat eggs , milk , fish , fruits , beans and healthy fats .  And some vegetarians may avoid eggs and dairy .  It is one of the best types of a healthy and balanced diet .  It includes vegetables and lean meat products .


mediterranean diet weight loss

 (6) – Mediterranean diet :

  • Mediterranean diet is based on eating fruits and vegetables , especially fresh fruits , as well as dairy products and yogurt.


  •  and the use of virgin olive oil as a source of healthy fats needed by the human body .


  • This diet is called the Mediterranean diet , because it is widespread in coastal countries , ” peoples in the vicinity of the Mediterranean “.


 (7) – Divide meals diet :

  • This diet is mainly based on three meals , in order to eat the preferred food.


  • Each meal is 40% carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables , 30% protein , 30% fats and oils . It is one of the unique types of diets to reduce a lot of extra weight , and have a healthy body .


 (8) – Dates and Milk Diet :

 One of the dieting methods that can reach the ideal weight in a short time , because this diet can lose 4 kilos of body weight within a week. 


  •  And it depends on eating dates and milk throughout the day , with large amounts of water , juices , tea and coffee without adding sugar . 
  •  But it is advised not to eat this diet for a long time because the human body will lose many vitamins .


1200 calorie diet healthy

 (9) – 1200 calorie diet :

  • This diet is based on eating 1200 calories during the day , and is not limited to certain types of food , which helps in weight loss . 


  • Some studies have shown that eating a low-calorie diet , can reduce the risk of cancer , heart disease and diabetes .


 (10) – Fat mass diet :

  • This type of diet is based primarily on the prevention of fats , by preventing foods that usually contain fats or fried foods . 


  • It also prevents dairy products ” especially fats “.  With eating vegetables and fruits while reducing carbohydrates , you can only eat fish all at once .  Or eating nuts twice a week helps the system remove fat from the hips and thighs.